New Camera?!?

      Hey guys, it's Maddie here! Over the weekend, my grandparents were visiting, and guess what...my grandpa, who, like me, loves photography, gave me his older camera! It's a Canon Rebel XT and it's amazing quality. I can't wait to post some new pictures with it! For now, though, try not to kill your eyes looking at these pictures of my new (sort of) camera!

      Again, sorry for the horrible quality of these photos! Try to bear with me here! Anyway, thanks for taking your time to visit my blog! Remember to leave comments with any questions!

~Maddie and the Crew


  1. Luv it Maddie! Can't wait to see your pictures!

    1. Thanks, Joscelyn! I can't wait to share my newest photos with you!

      ~Maddie and the Crew