Remember Me?

      Whelp, hi there! It's been over a week since I've posted on DolliesDaily (sorry!) and over a week since I've posted on here (sorry again!), and I really don't have a good excuse besides the fact that I'm lazy and forgetful. And I'm super sorry for like, never posting photos anymore, but I promise that soon I'll post some. My birthday's coming up in late May, and then as you know I have my trip to the American Girl Place, and I plan on buying a new doll, sooooo...
      Since I really don't know what doll to get, I'm going to turn to you guys for help. Here are the dolls I want:

JLY 49

Name Ideas:
1.) Amaya  
2.) Kaysee
3.) Jade
4.) Luna
5.) Logan
6.) Skylar
7.) Allegra
8.) Brooklyn
9.) Sophie
10.) Emmalyn

JLY 25

Name Ideas:

1.) Landen (this is her decided name if I get her)

JLY 29

Name Ideas:

1.) Taylor (this is her decided name if I get her)

JLY 41

Name Ideas:

1.) Chandler
2.) Evelyn
3.) Avalon
4.) Meghan
5.) Chastity

JLY 43

Name Ideas:

1.) Phoenix
2.) Callie

      So, I'm leaning towards JLY 41 (she's so cute!), but I want to hear your opinions, too. And don't forget to comment any name suggestions, too! Well, I'll start posting again starting on Monday, April 28 on DolliesDaily, so be on the lookout for that! Bye!

~Maddie and the Crew


  1. JLY 49 Name Suggestion: Morgan
    JLY 41 Name Suggestion: Meghan

    (Lol! What's up with me and M's?)

    JLY 43 Name Suggesion: Callie (I know you have that one, but I really like it. :)

    I think you should get JLY 41, like you said. She's a good choice. :) And yes, she is really cute!

    1. All those names are super cute, thanks for the suggestions! Yeah, I'll probably get JLY/MAG 41, but I still don't know what to name her! But Meghan's definately on my list! Thanks again for the suggestions!

      ~Maddie and the Crew

  2. I'm looking through your old posts and wow.... You've changed. You used SMILEY FACES! And in the comment above that you wrote, every sentence is ended with an exclamation point. Is that even you, Maddie?!

    1. oh my gosh, prepare yourself for a cringe fest then, my friend. i am like, physically unable to look at these posts without cringing. tbh i haven't really changed, i've just become honest on here. i was one of the lads that put on a fake smile and acted like a super happy, bubbly girl just because, well, i didn't really know if being myself would be okay here.
      ANYWAYS, lol, it was me, like every post is, i've just become me on here. ;)


  3. Anonymous15.10.15

    YOU WANTED #29!(at one point?) YAY!, now I have finnaly found yet another person on the internet who likes 29(Not many)


    1. i love 29! would definitely still love to add her to the crew someday.