Hey guys! Welcome to DollsOnMyMind, a blog all about American Girl Dolls, photography/stop motion making, and how-to's! I guess I'll start with the basics: my name is Maddie, a fun-loving girl that loves singing, writing, photography, and of course, dolls. 
      I've been collecting American Girl Dolls since 2008, and don't plan on ever ending my collection. Dolls are a huge part of my life, and I enjoy seeing others become happy because of my doll videos and HTM (how to make) videos. I hope you guys like this blog! I love hearing feedback from you guys, so leave questions, comments, concerns, and anything else in the comments below! Thanks!
      ~Maddie and the Crew
This is my doll, Ali (JLY/MAG #39)

Ali again...she tends to be in a lot of my pictures=)

This is Kanani (GOTY 2011), whom I nicknamed Ana. She is super cute!

Finally, the last photo for today is...Felicity (Retired Historical Character), whom I nicknamed Lissie.

      Expect pictures of all my dolls in the next few days! Bye!


  1. Hi Maddie! I decided to go through the archives, back to your first post, just to see. So long ago :0)
    - Zoë

    1. Lol, hi! It's pretty horrible, huh? XD


  2. aw it's maddie's first post :)

    1. please excuse me as i cringe