I'm Back...

      Hey, guys! Long time no post. Even on DolliesDaily, where there are supposed to be new posts daily (hence the name :P), I haven't posted since...last Wednesday, I think. And I'm sorry about that! I've been really busy with school, though. Last Friday, I had a huge band trip where we had to drive an hour and a half away to perform and be judged in this bug music competition thingy. Ehhhhhhh. So that's my excuse for Friday. As for the other days...I'm lazy. Recently, at my local bookstore, I purchased the newest activity set from American Girl. It's the "Doll Photo Shoot". I really like it! Comment below if you want a detailed review of it. For now...

      Those are just two of the seven photos American Girl advertises on their website. It's really cute! By the way, the doll on the cover (MAG #55) is the doll I'm purchasing. I've made my final decision, so you can all ignore my previous post about getting MAG #41, because I ended up really wanting a doll with freckles. So...I decided on MAG #55. I was torn between her and MAG #37, but I wanted longer hair. Since this post is pretty much about everything, I'm gonna be annoying and ask for your help...with names! Choose one:

1.) Reilly-Ella Amaya O'Neill

2.) Evelyn Trinity O'Neill

3.) Peyton Carter O'Neill

      So, I've obviously chosen "O'Neill" as her last name...but as for first and middle, I haven't decided. So, once again, let me know down in the comments which one you like the best!
      Okay, so since again, this post is basically everything you need to know, I also recently purchased an outfit that was on sale from American Girl. It's the "Casual Chic Outfit", and it's super cute. Also, like with the activity set, comment down below if you want a detailed review on it!
      Whelp, sorry this was so incredibly long. I just thought I should update you. Oh! And in about a week, it'll be my birthday, so I'll do a little haul post with all the doll-related stuff I get. And then I'll do a haul post after I go to the AGP, too. So you can look forward to two new posts in the next four weeks. Well, that's all I have to say! Bye!

~Maddie and the Crew


  1. Evelyn Trinity O'Neill. Btw, I just found your blog and I love it!
    Please check out mine.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion!

      Aww, thank you! Of course I'll check out your blog!


    2. I like that name too. Isn't it cute?

      -Cassie ^.^

    3. Yeah, it is ♥ thanks for the comment!