AGP Haul!

      Hey, guys! Sorry this is kind of late, considering I went this weekend...oh well! I have some exciting news, so yeah! As you all know, I got a new doll. I'll be honest, I walked into the store thinking I was going to purchase Ruthie, but when I got up to the Kit and Ruthie section, Ruthie just didn't stand out or anything. In other words, I realized the only reason I was going too get Ruthie was because she was retiring. However, another doll really stood out the while time I was there, and she ended up being totally different from who I though I was taking home with me. I'll reveal my new doll at the end of the post, so for now, here are all the other items I bought. *DISCLAIMER* I had been saving up my money for this trip for a few months, so please don't call me spoiled. My grandma bought me an outfit, but it was on sale. My mom bought me the PWP and two mini dolls, which were both on sale. Enjoy the haul!

These items I didn't buy; the cup and plate came free with the meal at the Café, and the hairties came on the napkins at the Café. They're both so cute!

These are the two mini dolls, Cècile and Marie-Grace. My mom bought them for me because they were on sale for $10 each along with mini Caroline, who I already have.

This is the Summer 2014 Purchase With Purchase. It was $16 with the purchase of $50 or more, which obviously I did. My mom bought this because we both thought it'd look cute on Kanani, who I only dress in bright Hawaiian looking outfits.

This is the Skateboard Set, which I've had my eye on since it first came out a few years ago. My grandma, who wanted to buy something for both me and my little cousin, bought this outfit for me after I put it in my shopping bag. It was on sale for $28.50.

This is a store exclusive tee. As you can tell from the shirt, I went to the AGPNY. I bought this because I like to have something to remember that specific trip. It was $10.

These are the store exclusive jeans. They're available at all of the AGP's, as far as I know. They for the dolls so well! They were $12.

This, as you can tell, is the Weekend Fun Outfit. Like the Skateboard Set, I've had my eye on this outfit ever since it came out, and I was so excited when it was on sale for $22. I love the mix and match potential with all the items!

Okay, so obviously, this is my new doll! She's MAG #47, and I absolutely love her! I named her Jade Noelle Evans, and let me just say, the pictures on the AG website and in catalogs, and even pictures other owners of her have taken just don't show how pretty she is. MAG #47 has the softest hair and her face mold is one of the prettiest and most unique ones AG has. In other words, she is a beautiful doll, and I'm so glad I chose to bring her home.

      Well, that's everything I purchased at the AGPNY! I had so much fun with my little cousin! My aunt bought her the brunette Bitty Twins to be her little Bitty Baby Rosie's friends, and she couldn't be happier! Here are pictures if the twins at the Café.

      I've never been a huge fan of the Bitty Twins, but I must admit, they're rather cute! Here's miss Jade at the Café...and then with Saige right after I opened her in a quiet corner in the Bitty's section.

My lunch...it was super good!

      Oh, and I apologize for the photo quality. I used my brother's old iPod because it was more portable than my camera. Whelp, I don't have anything else to say, so...bye!

~Maddie and the Crew


  1. Love it!
    Jade is so pretty!

    1. TYSM!

      I know, isn't she just stunning? =)

      ~Maddie and the Crew