Fixing Lanie's Hair

      Hey, guys! This is a pretty random post. I just wanted to share that I recurled and de-frizzed Lanie's hair. It was a mess! I had it in a French wrap around braid (which, by the way, isn't a very smart idea for curly haired dolls...), which made it kinky and rather tangled, on top of the frizzyness she already had. I've had Lanie since August 2010, and she was my first curly haired doll, so I never really knew how to take proper care of it. I didn't always use water, I was rough with the brush, and I just put random styles in her hair, like I would do with Julie and Chrissa, the only other dolls I had at the time, who as you know, both have straight hair. So today, I decided to try to tame her hair and restore it. This was my result:

      I'm super happy with the results! Her hair isn't frizzy, and its beautiful, shiny curls are back! Yay! All I did was brush it out after lightly misting it with water then finger curl it. Let me know in the comments if you do this, too! Bye!



  1. Loving the hair Lanie! Great job restoring it, Maddie!

  2. Oh My GOSH!! Her hair is so beautiful!!!! That looks fabulous!!!

    ~ Mint

    1. Lanie and I say thanks! I really appreciate it ♥