Picture Day

      Hey! So, the other day I was thinking about how it's been a while since I took a picture that had all eight of my dolls in it. Then I saw my most recent group photo; I only had six of them! I decided right then and there that a new group photo was needed. I let the girls arrange themselves and even take the picture (they set the timer thing on my camera that give them ten seconds until the picture is automatically taken)! They were super excited about that ;) I actually thought they did a good job:

      Then I saw the picture that was taken before that one:

      Notice how Jade is the only one that was seemingly sane; can you tell she's still the new girl? The whacked-upness (new word, yes) of the others hasn't rubbed off on her yet...keyword: yet. And just in case you were wondering, yes, that was Ali being stupid thinking the timer was set. There are reasons she's considered the "special" one.


P.S. Yes, yes that is my bed they're standing in front of.


I Spoke Too Soon

      My fabulous laptop hates me, guys. It deleted all of the photos I successfully uploaded from Jade's photo shoot. And guess what I do after I upload photos? I clear my SD card to make room for more pictures. You know, because usually when you upload photos to your laptop they aren't deleted. *Sigh*
      Anyways, I got the photos for City of Gray part three uploaded okay, so that should be up shortly =) I also made something for my mini dolls again, so go check out TheAGLookBook in a little bit, too, if you want to see what I made ;) have a great one!


P.S My really close friend went to the AGPNY today and bought Julie (her fourth doll)! Isn't she pretty? I miss my Julie's hair being that nice and soft...


Getting There

      Hey! So, my laptop still isn't uploading 100% correctly, but I was able to get a few uploaded without problems, so that means there will most likely be two (maybe more, I'm not sure) parts to Jade's photo shoot. But hey, at least today I have something to post, right?

      So far my favorite is the last one =) I really do love my sweet little Jade ♥



Bad News

      Hey, everyone! I'm going to get to the point very quick today: I'm having problems uploading photos to my laptop =( the only "new" pictures I have are some that I uploaded last week that I was saving for this week's OOTDs on TheAGLookBook. I can still post those for now, but unfortunately that means I can't post Jade's photo shoot today. Maybe tomorrow if I'm lucky...=/ sorry guys! I feel terrible...*sigh*...wish me luck XP



Quick Photo Shoot and Stuff

      Hi! I just wanted to say that City of Gray Part Two is up, so you can go check it out =) I decided I couldn't wait until tomorrow ;) here's a tiny PS of Lissie and mini Marie-Grace:

      I hope you liked the four photos ;) as a bonus, here's a selfie I took the other day with the girls partially in the background. Hey, one step closer to revealing my face, right? XD

      Yes, a drawing of Elsa (well, my drawing of Elsa. I drew it about three months ago. Like it? Comment below!) is covering my face. I'm just that cool. Be jealous.



AG Sale Package: Opening/Reviews

      Hi! So, Friday afternoon my package from AG came. I ordered two of the sale items, and I thought I'd share my opinions/reviews of them =). First off, I bought what was advertised as the "Tunic Outfit" and the "Summer Pajamas for Dolls", also known as Saige's Tunic Outfit and Saige's Pajamas.

      When I opened the box, I saw an AG bag and a GOTY box. Inside the bag was the Tunic Outfit.

      The photo turned out shaky, but as you can see, it is labeled as the "Tunic Outfit". This is what I saw when I pulled the outfit out of the bag:

      It was still wrapped in the AG tissue paper you see in the boxes, and it also included the poison, I mean, thing that keeps the clothes from what? Rotting? Either way, presentation was basically the same as if it were in the original Saige box.

      These are some photos of what it looks like on Saige. I was actually surprised that the design on the tunic was real embroidery, and the material was more of a woven linen than what I was expecting (I was expecting a cotton/jersey knit). The jeans I'm in love with, I really like how they fit. They have working pockets, and overall they remind me of the AGP Exclusive jeans I bought back in June (which is a good thing). The belt across the waist reminds me of the headband from the Weekend Fun Outfit texture wise, and I really like the beaded details =) I wasn't a fan of this outfit when it wasn't retired, but in person I think it's a lot cuter, and I totally recommend it =). Now for item number two...

      I don't know if you can see in that picture, but the sticker identifying it as "Summer Pajamas for Dolls" is actually covering the original sticker that says "Saige's Pajamas". I thought that was kind of funny in a way...=/

      When I opened the box it just looked like a normal outfit from AG.

      I really like the flower design on the top. I also really like that both the top and the shirts could be used as a daytime outfit. The slippers are adorable, I don't have any slippers like those for my dolls (well, I do now, but you know what I mean). The hairties are a nice touch and are useful for doing hair, despite the fact that I usually use clear hair elastics to do my dolls' hair. Overall, I really like this outfit, too. So, that being said, I totally recommend checking out the AG Sale page, they have some exclusives they added with some other Saige items =) happy shopping ;)


P.S. Thank you so much for ten followers! I love you guys (in the most normal way possible) ;) ♥


Photography and an Award

      Hmm, this is technically the third post today...fun, fun. Anyways, this is the photo shoot I promised you guys! I was also nominated for the Beachy Blogger Award (for the third time ^.^) by Liberty! Thank you, Liberty! I'm really excited to answer her questions!

1.) Why does "caregiver" and "caretaker" mean the same thing?
Uhh, why not? XP just kidding, I actually consider that one of the many unanswerable questions in my life...;)

2.) What happens when you get "scared half to death" twice?
You die! *cue scary music*

3.) What color is your hair?
My amazing hair is a dark shade of blonde with light blonde highlights (that are natural, so it makes it that much cooler) *flips hair over shoulder*

4.) Why do they call tiny candy bars "fun size"? Wouldn't it be more fun to eat a big one?
I have no idea, I do enjoy my king size more than fun size...

5.) Why did Yankee Doodle name the feather in his hat Macaroni?
Maybe his pony was named Spaghetti...

6.) Why is it that when things get wet they get darker, even though water is clear?
I could go all science teacher on you all but hey, where's the fun in that?

7.) Why do we call something sent by a car a shipment and something sent by a ship cargo?
Because the world is a creul place, children.

8.) If the product says "Do not use if seal is broken" how are you supposed to open the thing and use it?
You break the rules and become a rebel. Simple as that =)

9.) Why is it that people say "They slept like a baby" when babies wake up ten times an hour?
Perhaps they were thinking of their idea of a perfect world...

      Thank you again, Liberty, I had lots if fun answering your questions, they really got me thinking ;) now for the photo shoot...

      Hmm, I wonder how Lanie only got one photo...I could've sworn I took more of her...oh well! I'm actually really proud of this shoot, I think the lighting was gorgeous the past two nights. Lanie's photo I took yesterday evening, Chrissa's I took today. My favorite photo is probably the last, I like the light =) this is kind of a spoiler, the outfit Chrissa is wearing is going to be featured on Monday on The AG Look-Book. I made the scarf and leggings =) anyways, here are some bonus photos I took yesterday:

      Yay for my shoes! That photo I accidentally took while fixing Lanie's hair before another shot. The budding flower I liked, and don't ask what the last one is because I'll answer with "some sort of planty apparatus". Fancy, eh? I hope you guys like the photos! A review of the items I got in my package (that arrived this afternoon) is already put together and will be posted Sunday! Until then...bye!


New Blog

      Hi! So, I just recently (like, a few minutes ago) made my first post on my new blog, The AG Look-Book. In that post it basically explains what you can expect on that blog, when I'll be posting, etc. This blog is my main blog, I post on here multiple times a week (usually) with basically anything related to my dolls, whether that be photography (it's usually that), hauls (only had one of those so far), reviews (be on the lookout for two reviews coming soon; I have a package from AG on it's way), and so on. I've decided that I will post sewing tutorials on both this blog and my new one just because...I don't know. I felt like it. Anyways, I apologize for the lack of anything interesting in these last two posts (that I technically posted on the same day), but I really do hope to have a photo shoot up either later today or tomorrow. =)


By the way...here's a bonus photo (not of a doll, sorry, but of me and my camera...in a mirror...) to thank you for nine followers and over 2000 page views (a few hours ago I had eight followers and a little under 2000 page views)!

Random Question Jazz

      Hi, guys! This is a really quick and random post/question thing that I'm posting really super late (well, if you follow Eastern Standard Time in the US, that is) because I have no life *yawns* nope, I'm not tired at all...-_-
      Anyways I just have a few blog updates that (for once) don't really have to do with this blog. So, I just posted on DolliesDaily, and the girls won't be posting on there for a while. We've neglected that blog pretty badly, but don't want to delete it, so it'll stay and be updated every few months (maybe...). Now for update/question number two: I've been tossing around this idea for a while now, but would you guys read a blog that basically revolves around sewing and designing doll clothes? Because for some reason I feel like I'd be better off focusing on my photography and such on this blog, while I could basically have a fashion blog AG style. How would you guys feel about that? Comment down below whether or not you'd read a blog like that...hmm, I'm gonna read this post in the morning (even though where I am it's technically morning already) and think I was delirious. Eh, I probably am *yawns again*. 
      Oh, and thank you guys so so so much for eight followers, that's eight more than I had a month ago ;) and also almost 2000 page views (despite most of them probably being mine XP). Well, I'm about to fall asleep on the keyboard...-_-...that being said, I think I'd better stop typing. Bye!


P.S. Today (yesterday, sorryXD) I took a bunch of photos in really pretty light, I should have them posted either tomorrow (well, technically today according to my clock) or Saturday =)


Two Awards and a Premiere

      Hello, everyone! So, as you probably know, today is the day that my new and hopefully successful photo story is released! Click on the page that says "City of Gray" on it to see part one of something ;) (I just don't know how long it'll end up being XP). So, as you might've gathered from the title of this post, I have been nominated for two more awards =O! I'll start with answering the questions from Abigail (Live Laugh Dolls), who nominated me for the Beachy Blogger Award:

1.) What dolls do you want next?
I really like MAG #13, but when it comes to shopping on eBay I'm always on the lookout for a decent Mia ;) I also think MAG #4 is super cute and unique, but I usually fail to find one on eBay when I do look for one. So I have three on my list ;)

2.) Do you have any pets? If so, how many and what kind(s)?
No, unfortunately I don't own any pets at the moment, but I grew up with lots of fish XD

3.) Are you happy about BeForever?
Nope! Well, with the exception of Samantha being re-released and Addy's new meet outfit =)

4.) What do you think 2015's GOTY should be like? Explain her.
I think the GOTY for 2015 should not be blonde, for one (no offense Izzy, McKenna, Lanie, Nicki, and Kailey), and that's about as far as I've gotten with my GOTY wishes. Well, actually, I'd really like one with the Sonali face mold. =)

5.) Boots or flip-flops?
Is neither a choice? I'm quite attached to my Converse XD but I'd choose boots.

6.) Favorite flower?
Hibiscus =)

7.) Favorite doll out if your collection?
Lanie!!! ♥

8.) Favorite color?
Mint/sea green =)

9.) When did you start blogging?
April 2014.

10.) Dogs or cats?
Sorry to cat people but I'd have to go with dogs considering any cat I meet seems to hate me while any dog I meet doesn't XD

      Thank you again, Abigail! My nominees and questions are the same as yesterday's, so basically anyone who wants to participate just leave a comment =) (questions are listed in my previous post as well, scroll down to read them) =). Now onto the second award! Shelby-Grace from Oh My Dollies nominated me for the Victory Award =) thank you, Shelby-Grace!

1.) What is your favorite doll from AG?
Thats a tough one...I'd probably go with either Saige or Lanie.

2.) What is your favorite book?
"Wonder" by R.J Palacio

3.) How many dolls (AG or not) do you have?
Eight; the only dolls I own are my AG girls =)

4.) Do you have any Girl of the Year dolls?
Yes, I have Chrissa, Lanie, Kanani, and Saige.

5.) Historical or Girl of the Year?
Well, despite only owning two HC compared to four GOTY dolls, I do like how Historical dolls are a bit more unique.

6.) Do you have any MyAGs?
Yup, I have MAG #39 (Ali) and MAG #47 (Jade).

I nominate:
And anyone else who would like to participate =)

My questions:
1.) How long have you been blogging?
2.) Who/what inspired you to start your blog?
3.) How do you feel about BeForever?
4.) Have you ever customized a doll?
5.) How many AG stores have you been to?
6.) If you could choose another Historical Character to bring out of the Archives with Samantha, who would you choose?

      Thanks again to everyone who nominated me =) so, I have a tiny photo shoot related to City of Gray that has Saige and Ali in it (mainly Ali) so...enjoy! Comment your favorite below!


P.S. I have a new photo where the one of Chrissa used to be. Like it?


Beachy Blogger Award

      Hi, everyone! So, today Hannah from AGDTime nominated me for the Beachy Blogger Award! Thank you so much, Hannah!!! Now for my answers to her questions...

1. Which is the closest AG place to you?
The AGP New York =)

2.) Do you have a pet?
Not anymore, I used to have seven fish, though!

3.) What do you like better, YouTube or Blogging?
Blogging by default, since I don't currently have a YouTube account I post on, but I watch YouTube videos all. The. Time!!!

4.) What's your favorite doll/regular blog?
Don't make me choose!!! But I can narrow it down to doll blogs in general I guess. =)

5.) What's your favorite color?
Mint green...or would it be mint blue...? Maybe I should call it sea green? I have no idea. I'm bad with color names. Oh! I like the color Mahogany (long story with lots of inside jokes...maybe sometime I'll bore you all with that story)!

6.) Have you ever been on a vacation to a beachy place? 
Yup! I go to a lot of beaches in Florida and the Carolinas, this year I'm going to the Outer Banks =)

7.) Least favorite thing to do?
In general? Homework. I. Hate. Homework. But over the summer when I don't have school (oh how I love the two and a half months of summer vacation) I can't stand cleaning, because trust me, when I'm bored and it's not nice outside, I'm in my room for hours. And I'm quite a messy person...

8.) Favorite thing to do?
Either sewing, photography, or reading other people's blogs are some of my favorites =)

9.) Dream job?
An animator at Laika studios (the company that made stop motion movies like Coraline, Paranorman, etc...) because I love stop motion. However, I also love writing and cinematography, so maybe a director? Then again I've always thought being an AG hair stylist would be fun (but probably not as rewarding)...maybe a job that would let me do photography on the side? I have no idea. ;)

10.) YouTube or TV?

Thank you again, Hannah, I had lots of fun answering these questions! Now for mine...

1.) What's your favorite beach you've been to?
2.) Favorite YouTuber?
3.) How long have you been blogging?
4.) Favorite pass-time?
5.) Art or music?
6.) Do you watch Aspen Heights? Who do you ship? (I ship Calita, Belivia, and BRIANNA!)
7.) If you could live anywhere, where would you choose?
8.) Jeans or dresses?
9.) When did you start collecting AG dolls?
10.) Have you been nominated for other awards before? If so how many?

      Sorry my questions are lacking creativity, I believe one would consider my shirt color today sea/mint green (hmm, my favorite color =P), so I'm not thinking creatively. Comment below if you just got my reference ;) Okay so...

I nominate anyone and everyone who wants to participate!

      I'd say I was feeling nice today but I mean, I basically said that in the last two awards I got so I mean...
      Anyways...tomorrow City of Gray will be posted! Yay! I hope it doesn't completely fail...oh well, you never know unless you try! Have a great week everyone!



Photo Story Announcements

      Hey, guys! This post is going to be about my upcoming photo story series, which is called City of Gray. The three main characters are played by Saige, Ali, and Jade, and they're super excited to be part of this XD here are the "official" main character cast photos:

Character: Evelyn Hyde
Character Bio: Evelyn Hyde is your typical fourteen year old girl living in the dystopian world of the future, in a small but dangerous town called Pullus, nicknamed the City of Gray by Evelyn and her older sister, Bristolle. The sisters were orphaned two years back when their parents were executed for being involved in the rebellion lead by teenage runaway Oriole Tyson.
Actor Bio: Saige Copeland makes her debut in the newest photo story series, and has found acting quite fun. She hopes everyone likes this first try at a photo story =)

Character: Oriole Tyson
Character Bio:  Oriole Tyson is the most wanted in not only Pullus, but the entire world. She, a mere fourteen year old, was the one who started the rebellion against the Government, including President Drake, a demanding ruler that has a dark past. Oriole is a strong, determined leader at heart and doesn't hesitate when she sees Evelyn Hyde, who might not know it, but is more important than anyone could imagine.
Actor Bio: Alison Williams returns as she plays a rebellious runaway in City of Gray. Ali has starred in many unpublished stop motions, so she enjoys when one uses the term "seasoned professional" when describing her acting skills ;)

Character: Alexx Palmer
Character Bio: Alexx Palmer is a quiet girl that just wants to remain unknown. However, on Testing Day, when she is brought in with her childhood friend Evelyn, the duo is taken by the mysterious Oriole. Alexx just wants to go home, but once she discovers what her family has done, she changes her mind and must continue on the journey of a lifetime to change life as they know it; forever.
Actor Bio: Jade Evans, like Saige, makes her debut in this new photo story series. She hopes for the best and like her character, she continues on the "journey of a lifetime" to establish a set personality, for she doesn't yet have one...XD

      Okay, so those are the three girls that will be starring in this series, and a semi-quick blurb about their characters and "star status". I really hope you guys will like this series, and I'll be honest, it starts off with a bit of a Hunger Games, Divergent-ish feel to it, but I promise it'll get better the further into the series we get =) oh, and I just wanted to let you all know that I have a big surprise coming in a few months (yeah...like four XD quite a bit of a wait, huh?), and I'm super excited about that, too =) comment below of you have any questions about the series, or even suggestions for other photo story series and that jazz. Thanks for reading! Oh, wait! Maybe a premiere date would be good *facepalm*...whelp, City of Gray will start being published on Wednesday, July 16, 2014, and will have new photos and narrations added every Friday after that starting on the 18 (two days after it's published). Okay, now I'm done.


P.S. "Pullus" is Latin for "gray", in case you were wondering. I did my research XD