Beachy Blogger Award

      Hi, everyone! So, today Hannah from AGDTime nominated me for the Beachy Blogger Award! Thank you so much, Hannah!!! Now for my answers to her questions...

1. Which is the closest AG place to you?
The AGP New York =)

2.) Do you have a pet?
Not anymore, I used to have seven fish, though!

3.) What do you like better, YouTube or Blogging?
Blogging by default, since I don't currently have a YouTube account I post on, but I watch YouTube videos all. The. Time!!!

4.) What's your favorite doll/regular blog?
Don't make me choose!!! But I can narrow it down to doll blogs in general I guess. =)

5.) What's your favorite color?
Mint green...or would it be mint blue...? Maybe I should call it sea green? I have no idea. I'm bad with color names. Oh! I like the color Mahogany (long story with lots of inside jokes...maybe sometime I'll bore you all with that story)!

6.) Have you ever been on a vacation to a beachy place? 
Yup! I go to a lot of beaches in Florida and the Carolinas, this year I'm going to the Outer Banks =)

7.) Least favorite thing to do?
In general? Homework. I. Hate. Homework. But over the summer when I don't have school (oh how I love the two and a half months of summer vacation) I can't stand cleaning, because trust me, when I'm bored and it's not nice outside, I'm in my room for hours. And I'm quite a messy person...

8.) Favorite thing to do?
Either sewing, photography, or reading other people's blogs are some of my favorites =)

9.) Dream job?
An animator at Laika studios (the company that made stop motion movies like Coraline, Paranorman, etc...) because I love stop motion. However, I also love writing and cinematography, so maybe a director? Then again I've always thought being an AG hair stylist would be fun (but probably not as rewarding)...maybe a job that would let me do photography on the side? I have no idea. ;)

10.) YouTube or TV?

Thank you again, Hannah, I had lots of fun answering these questions! Now for mine...

1.) What's your favorite beach you've been to?
2.) Favorite YouTuber?
3.) How long have you been blogging?
4.) Favorite pass-time?
5.) Art or music?
6.) Do you watch Aspen Heights? Who do you ship? (I ship Calita, Belivia, and BRIANNA!)
7.) If you could live anywhere, where would you choose?
8.) Jeans or dresses?
9.) When did you start collecting AG dolls?
10.) Have you been nominated for other awards before? If so how many?

      Sorry my questions are lacking creativity, I believe one would consider my shirt color today sea/mint green (hmm, my favorite color =P), so I'm not thinking creatively. Comment below if you just got my reference ;) Okay so...

I nominate anyone and everyone who wants to participate!

      I'd say I was feeling nice today but I mean, I basically said that in the last two awards I got so I mean...
      Anyways...tomorrow City of Gray will be posted! Yay! I hope it doesn't completely fail...oh well, you never know unless you try! Have a great week everyone!



  1. Thanks for answering my questions!

    P.S. I just went on blogger and it said you had posted this 30 seconds ago!

    1. You're very welcome, thanks for nominating me!


      P.S. Haha, that's cool =D

  2. Luv your answers! I totally get your reference to not being creative. And, yeah, it'd be interesting to here the boring story of Mahogany! :)

    -Cassie ^.^

    Don't hug me, I'm scared!

    1. Thank you! Haha, I assumed so, considering I pointed you in the direction of that video(s)XD don't be silly, Cass, you already know the mahogany story ;)


  3. Congrats on getting nominated! ;)

    1. Thank you! Feel free to participate =)


  4. Congrats! Cool dream job!

    ~ Mint

    1. Thanks you! Hehe, I like to think so ;)


  5. I also nominated you for the Beachy Blogger Award! Check it out on my other blog, www.livelaughdolls.wordpress.com ~Abigail

    P.S. Could you maybe add the option to comment with name and URL?

    1. Thank you! I'll post my answers soon when I post the first part of City of Gray =) I would add the option, however I'm not quite sure how. I went to go add it but there was no way to add that as far as I could tell, although I will keep investigating =)