I Wish I Were a Flower: A Photo Shoot

      Well, hi there! You guys are probably gonna scream and wanna pull your hair out when I tell you this is another shoot with Ali XD don't ask why she's been getting a larger amount of attention lately; my answer is simply "I don't know".

      Ahh, yes, Ali was very proud when she skipped on the walkway without falling. She insisted I must take some pictures so she can boast about her success to the other girls ;) she also said her skirt matched the setting. Well, most of the time, anyway. ;)
      I would like to inform you that COG will probably be up tomorrow =) so you can look forward to that, but if I'm busy it might end up being Monday. Oh well. As long as I get it up, I suppose =)



Just Some Stuff

      Hi! Today is a mismatched collection of a few things, including an award, a photo shoot, and just some updates on various things. And also my opinion on what other than BeForever ;) let's start with the award...

      I was nominated for the LG Award (created by Guinea Pig Lover from Lord's Girls) by Ginny and June and Dollympics547 (well, she left a comment saying she did, but on her blog I'm not listed, but why not give a shout out anyways?) =D Now for the rule and questions!

~No tag backs
~You must give credit to the person who nominated you :)
~Answer the 8 questions given to you by the person who nominated you and then give 8 more questions to the nominees
~Nominate 8 people and let the know they were nominated
~Put the award on your sidebar or you special page you have for awards!

What Historical Character do you look like the most?
Caroline with Marie-Grace's hair (even though she's technically gone) =)
Handmade clothes (for dolls) or store bought clothes?
Considering I love sewing for my dolls, handmade by far!
What role do you play when playing with dolls?
Well, my girls consider me their adoptive mom, so I'm usually referred to as "Mom", although sometimes that get tired of that and call me "Maddie". So, uh, mom/friend =)
Nikon cameras, Canon cameras, or other?
I personally use a Canon and am most familiar with Canon DSLRs, but I do own a Nikon Coolpix (an older version I got when I was younger) and I think that's it. So Canon =)
Do you play with your dolls, or do you just display/photograph them, or both?
I used to have elaborate back stories for each doll and would play with them all the time, but that stooped a few years ago. I use them as photography subjects and enjoy creating scenes with them =)
How many blogs do you follow?
Err, a lot XD
Is your blog newer, or older?
Uhh, I don't know XD I created this blog in April 2014, so almost five months, I'm not sure where that falls =/
Do you believe that Samantha's new collection should have less pink?
Absolutely! The only outfit that isn't totally pink (I think) is her bike riding outfit, which I personally don't like. So yes! I miss her old stuff! I'd rather buy a Sam off eBay with her original meet outfit and accessories.

Thanks, Ginny and June! I'm not sure if Dollympics547 wants me to answer her questions, so if she does, I'll add them in above =) I nominate the first eight commenters that want to participate, because I'm too lazy to choose just eight of you XD school kills, man. Now for the PS...

      I felt like Chrissa was being ignored lately, so I took her out for a quick shoot. I like how the colors seem to pop more than photos I've taken in the past =) okay, now for the updates part. So, some of you might be wondering where City of Gray went? The answer is I don't know. Every time I try to shoot a part, something goes wrong. However, I'm going to try this weekend (I'm off tomorrow through Monday) to get Part Four up because you guys deserve it! I might even make a special behind the scenes post and have Saige, Ali, and Jade post some exclusive photos on their blog ;) another update thing is that I probably won't be able to post COG every Wednesday, but u can try for each week. I hope that's okay! It just seems easier not being confined to one day, so if I feel proactive one week I could post an extra ert or two ;) as for my BeForever opinions, I basically think Sam has too much pink, Rebecca really should've kept her old meet outfit along with Julie, Sam, Kit (although I do really like her new meet, I would've liked it more had it been a new outfit on the side only), and Josefina. I feel like all the bright colors take away from the historical accuracy. However, I do really like Addy's new meet outfit, I think it's nice that it's blue, not pink, although I muss her old meet boots. That's about it, I think! Thanks for reading!



Cool Summer Evenings: A Photo Shoot

      Read the title of this post. Then come back to this sentence and read "I actually took these at three thirty in the afternoon". I'm just that lame. XP anyways, I hope you enjoy these few pictures I took of Saige at my grandma's house last week =) I had just finished making her top, so I guess you can count that towards the photos of clothes I've made that I owe you ;)

      I personally love #3 and #7 =) I saw a pretty butterfly during the shoot, but I only got one decent photo of it. It kept flying away when I got closer so this'll have to do ;)

      Have a wonderful night (because where I am, it's nine fourty-ish) =)


AGPC Challenge One

      Hello, everyone! I'm super excited for today, because it's the official forst day of AGPC! So, for this round's theme, I thought it was appropriate to do something back to school related since in about twenty minutes I'm leaving to the bus stop for my first day back. Without further ado, I bring you...

Challenge One: Back to School
      For the first round if AGPC, the theme is back to school. Take a picture of your doll in his/her favorite fall/back to school inspired outfit. You can include multiple dolls in the shot if you wish, but try to make your participating doll the main one. Have fun!

      Are you ready? Go!



AGPC Announcements

      Hey! So, as you can probably tell, I chose to call the "AGMA of the blogging world" AGPC. Here's the button that you can put in your sidebar if you participate =)

      Now for the official dates for the first "season", which is a four month version of what will hopefully become a year long competition if these four test months go over well.

First Challenge
~Challenge announced on Monday, August 25
~Entry must be posted on your blog by Monday, September 1
~Voting starts on Wednesday, September 3
~Participants moving onto next round announced Monday, September 15

Second Challenge
~Challenge announced on Thursday, September 25
~Entry must be posted on your blog by Thursday, October 1
~Voting starts Friday, October 3
~Participants moving onto next round announced Wednesday, October 15

Third Challenge
~Challenge announced on Saturday, October 25
~Entry must be posted on your blog by Saturday, November 1
~Voting starts Monday, November 3
~Participants moving onto next round announced Saturday, November 15

Final Challenge
~Challenge announced on Tuesday, November 25
~Entry must be posted on your blog by Monday, December 1
~Voting starts Wednesday, December 3
~Winner of AGPC Season One announced Wednesday, December 31

      So those are the official dates for AGPC Season One. I can certainly extend the deadlines for entering your photos if needed, just comment that you need extra time on the last post of the challenge. I hope this is a success, I'm really excited for this! Also, today I took a bunch of pictures that I might post tonight if I have time. Just remember that there are no physical prizes for this contest (yet, anyways), you just get a huge shout out and get to host Season Two (if there is a second season) with me so...yeah! That's basically the "prize" for AGMA (except there's two winners for that, only one for mine) =) thanks for reading!



Question for Ya

      Hello, my darlings! Sorry I didn't get the photos of the other things I sewed yesterday (or today, for that matter) =/ I hope to get them up tomorrow, though! So, if you're an AGTuber, or you watch AGTube, you probably know about AGMA (American Girl Modeling Academy). If not, it's basically a one year AG photo competition. Whelp, I've always admired AGMA and wanted to do something like it. So...I wanted to know if I did something similar for only three months to try it out, would you participate? I've decided that if I hosted this, I'd call it AGPC (American Girl Photo Challenge) or AGFC (American Girl Fashion Challenge). I think I like AGPC better, but I made a button for AGFC...but I can change that so...yeah. Basically, if I started this, you would take one picture (as opposed to a whole photo shoot) and post it on your blog, then I'd come and see it and all of the entries would be listed in a post on here. There wouldn't exactly be auditions, just a whoever wants to participate can type of thing. I'd start it in September (yeah, I know, for most of you school starts then, so it's probably not convenient) and each month you'd get a new challenge/assignment for your photo. It would go until December, and if it was a success, I'd start a second "season" in January for 2015. At the end there would be a winner (one would win based off the amount of votes their photos get throughout the challenges) that would get to host it with me the next season =) Oh! And you would enter one doll and that doll would be the one you used in your photos. So...would you guys like something like that?



Countin' Down the Days

      So, for me, school starts next Monday. That means I won't be able to sew as much until my sewing area in my basement is finished. Therefore, I've been pretty busy today and yesterday sewing =) I'm really proud of the item I'm about to show you ;)

      Can you guess what it is?

      How about now?

      Any ideas?

      If you guessed a pull over sweater-style top, then ding ding ding! We have a winner! I made this with my own pattern, and I'm super proud! ;D here's another photo just because I love ya!

      I like how that one turned out. In fact, I like how all of them turned out! Isn't that crazy?!? I must be in a really good mood today XD 

      ...just a closer look at the shirt/sweater ;) I realized I'd never shown the backs of a top before, so there ya have it, folks! Except I usually have Velcro the full length of the back. But I felt like going only halfway yesterday, so yeah. Oh! And I just wanted to point out that no, it's not just double topstitching for the hems, they all have cuffs/casings whatever they're called and a single line of topstitching for durability =) so, whaddaya think? I really like it ^.^ look forward to a cream tee with a modified neckline and a spaghetti strap tank top tomorrow ;D have a fabulous evening!



Another Award + Mini PS

      Hello, everyone! Yeah, I know, this is the second post today, but I don't care XD so, you all know who my friend Cassie is, right? Well, this afternoon she created an award! It's called the Be-You-Tiful Award, and I decided to participate!

~Draw or take a picture that represents (at least) seven different things about you (your personality, hobbies, etc.) and explain it
~Ask ten questions
~Answer the ten questions you were asked
~Nominate at least one person

~I took a picture because I love photography ;)
~Ali is in the photo because she is my look alike (not quite sure what that represents but hey! I can't think of anything XD)
~Ali is wearing my favorite outfit I've made, which represents my passion for sewing, I guess...?
~The photo is supposed to show the unbreakable bond between a girl and her dolls, something I think all us doll bloggers have ;)
~I love Converse, so I thought it would be appropriate to include my favorite pair of doll sized ones ;)
~I used to always sit on my bed as shown in the picture holding Julie back when I was seven (if you do the math, you'll find out how old I am ;) )
~The picture is slightly out of focus, which annoys me so much, which represents my tendency to be both easily annoyed and hard on myself (in many things)


1.) What's your biggest obsession?
I think it's safe to say Aspen Heights ;)
2.) Favorite flavor of gum?
Any type of mint gum. I love mint!!!!
3.) Outdoors or indoors?
4.) Do you play an instrument? If so, what instrument?
Oh, gosh. I play the trumpet, saxophone, flute (not very much but still), clarinet (same as flute), piano, drums, and I sing, too. Crazy, huh? Of course, I'm most involved in trumpet and singing. Flute, clarinet, saxophone, piano, and drums are more of a boredom buster, since we have all five instruments in the house. But still...;)
5.) Do you ever want to buy a CD, but keep questioning it because of the album cover?
Nah, I don't buy CD's. I download them off iTunes with no regrets ;).
6.) Why isn't there a word that rhymes with orange?
No clue.
7.) Do you ever say a word so many times that it doesn't sound Luke a word anymore?
Yup. It upsets me XD
8.) Do you have a pet? If so, what is it?
Nope, all my fish have been flushed ;) 
9.) Do you ever run upstairs from your basement because you think someone's behind you?
Err, no, my basement is being finished so I don't dar go down there. 'Tis dangerous children.
10.) On a scale of one to ten, how good were these questions?
Because you're my friend and I insult you constantly, I HATED THESE QUESTIONS I GIVE THEM A NEGATIVE *insert big number here*! Jk, they were about a six or seven.

My Questions:

1.) Jeans and t-shirts or dresses and skirts?
2.) Do you have any siblings?
3.) TV or YouTube?
4.) Art or music?
5.) Sandals or sneakers?
6.) Favorite font?
7.) Have you ever eaten alligator? (It's good, quite honestly XD)
8.) Mini M&M's or Mega M&M's?
9.) Favorite vacation spot?
10.) Have you ever made/tried making a stop motion?

      I nominate the first five commenters that want to participate =) now for the mini photo shoot with Jade...

      They're pretty bad, but oh well! I won't rant about my suckiness today ;)


I Made a Button!

      Yup, I finally made a button. You can pick it up either in this post or in the sidebar =)