AGPC Round Three Results

Okay, so since the second and third place spots for this round wouldn't be fair since three participants had the same amount of votes, we have four instead of three people moving onto the final round:

~Polka Dot Bee
~American Girl Place

Congrats guys! Sorry to those who didn't move on, you all did great! Sorry this is kinda late, I forgot XP



  1. Whew! Soooo glad I'm moving to the next round! Congrats to all the rest who are moving on! Sorry to those who didn't make it, but I could tell you guys tried your hardest and everyone did an amazing job on all their entries! :)

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    1. Congratulations to those who are moving on! I was pretty sure I was going to get eliminated soon, anyways :) I was so surprised I stayed in as longs as I did, considering my horrible photography skills :P Thank you so much to all who voted for me this round and all the rounds before this, it really meant a lot to me. Maddie, this competition was really fun and an amazing idea, it was a ton of fun to participate in. I'm not positive if I'll be doing this again next year, but thank you so much Maddie for making this one so fun :)

      ★ Shelby-Grace ★

      P.S.--The reason the previous comment says "This comment has been removed by the author." is because I deleted it because I typed really fast and made a ton of spelling errors ;P

  3. Congrats to the people moving on; although everybody does so well at these. =)

  4. Yes! Congrats to the other winners as well! Everyone's photography was amazing, It's sad not everyone could move on.

    Thank you to all who voted for me :)

  5. Congrats to everyone who moved on!! And to those who didn't, your pictures were amazing too!