Yay for lame titles.

And how 'bout these super short "photo shoots", eh?

I'm sorry I hate school I really do. I'm off to go study for that Social Studies test I forgot about. Oops. And find an outfit for some Honor Society thing tomorrow. Whoop de do. So exciting. I need a life. Why am I in such a bad mood? Oh yeah. My hair smells like fake cherries and I want it to go away. Dangit Kool-Aid, you had one job. (Sorry I'm so like, unenthusiastic. I just hate being smart and being expected to be the good one. Well I'm ranting see ya tomorrow with some more pictures =) )



  1. Aww, it's ok Maddie! I love your short photoshoots (and besides I don't have time to really shoot anything other. Then a small one right now too) The second pic is my favorite, I love the scarf colors against the lighter backround and Julie's hand. Julie is really pretty :0) Hmmm... I not sure what would get that smell out of your hair, maybe a strong shampoo or something like that.
    Good luck on your Social Studies test!

  2. Aww Maddie. Sounds like your in need of a big pick-me up. :(
    Just hang in there, school will get better. I love any photo-shoots you do, small or long. =)
    Here's to hoping school gets better.

  3. I feel you Maddie. I feel you, sister. It has not been a fantastic week for me either, but oh well. I need to buy a doll or something. XD
    Anyway love ya.

  4. School is never fun! Cherries don’t smell...that bad...=) Don’t feel like you need to be "expected to do anything” Because you don’t Need to try to be what you don’t want to be or what other people want you to be(Also Your blessed your actually smart! It is truly a blessing to be smart!! I am not at all! lol) BTW Cute pics!!

  5. Your last paragraph = my life. I am very excited (sarcasm there) for my Honor Society thingy that I really don't want to go to, and there is even a rehearsal you have to, and my question is, why do we need a rehearsal in the first place?!? Groan.............

  6. Beautiful pics Maddie!! Ugh...I hated honor society meetings. They are totally pointless! I'm only going to continue with it 'cuz it looks good on a college application :P Cherry scented hair huh? Well, I guess it could smell worse ;) That is annoying though, like when your hands smell like really strong lotion or something like that, and no matter how much you wash them, they'd still smell...just ick. Its alright Maddie, things will get better! I'm sending you a virtual hug :)

  7. Those are soooo pretty! I love her scarf! You are such an amazing photographer! :)