2014: Looking Back

Hey guys! Happy New Year everyone! Am I supposed to capitalize "happy new year"? Anyone?

Anyways, I thought that since today is the last day of 2014, I'd reflect on this year. Okay.


So, 2014 was a huge year for me regarding dolls, photography, sewing, and of course, blogging. =) 

On Friday, April 4, 2014, I posted for the first time on my first blog, this blog, and posted four *cough* bad *cough* pictured, but I was proud of it, and even though no one read my blog (and I never expected anyone to), I fell in love with blogging.

Then on April 7, 2014, I got my camera, aka my life; the Canon Rebel XT. It wasn't brand new, but it was a DSLR and took wonderful pictures; I was so very proud of my first photo shoot I did with this camera ^_^

After that shoot, though, I kinda failed to pick up the camera regularly and post photos. However, in June, I changed that and after about two months of neglecting the camera; I'll admit, it was a pretty good shoot for a beginner ;)

Since then, I've tried to take pictures each and every day, and work up to a point where I'm proud if my pictures.

I hit a few rough spots in between, losing confidence in myself, thinking I wasn't good enough at photography or sewing, and that feeling lasted roughly three months.

But ever since my shoot "Here's to Teenage Memories", I've pushed myself to take pictures every single day...

...to really take time to practice my one true passion- doll photography...

...to get to a point where I'm proud of what I do...

...and after a year of testing the water, I'm proud of what I do. I'm not ashamed of being a teen that just so happens to love dolls, I take pride in my photography and sewing, and I have a blog that people read. I never would've guessed this is how I'd be sending my new year's eve ;)

So my story isn't inspirational like other bloggers' are, but 2014 was a year I'll never forget ♥ here's to a great year, a an even better one to come *raises glass*

Happy new year, my friends. ^_^ I love ya ♥


P.S. Thank you so much for 61 followers ♥♥♥

Good Girls are Bad Girls That Haven't Been Caught

I was gonna do an outdoor shoot but the wind was reeeal strong.
I got scared and went inside xD

Emerson is a bad girl-

She just hasn't been caught yet ;)

Her boots are from Amazon; a mini AG haul coming as soon as my other package comes ;)

Happy new year, everyone! ^_^



Farewell, 2014

Here's the photo shoot of Jade from Christmas Eve =)

...and the gorgeous Caroline, in an Elsa costume, held by my cousin Ella, who loves her to pieces. ♥

I'm sad to see 2014 go, it was such a great year...
Not to mention my recent (and unexpected) attraction to Isabelle =/ as a little farewell to Isabelle and 2014 in general, I took some photos of Izzy with my phone a few days ago; not the best, but still something =)
Oh yeah, just so ya know, Izzy is my cousin's, too; not mine ;) but ket me tell ya, I'll be taking pictures of this girl as often as I can ;)

I'm liking the yes-i-have-time-to-post-everyday feeling, so I'll probably have another post up tomorrow, hopefully a decent shoot =) thanks for reading!