My New Favorite Place

i've found my favorite indoor photography spot. ^_^

so erm i spent the greater half of today taking pictures.

behind the scenes yay :)

i quite like how they turned out. :)

the lyric shoot that i said i'd have up today is actually going to be saved for my one year blogiversary post because i feel like the story works well with that in a way. i don't know how to explain it, but i have a wonderful plan, and i'm super excited to show you guys the shoot (that i shot today)! :)

anyways i hope you guys like these photos! there's so many of them ahhhh

sorry if you don't like the posts with heaps of photos, i just had a lot of time to take photos and this happened...if you hate them let me know and i'll start grouping them and saving them for separate posts. :)

thanks for reading!



because i procrastinate.

yeah i had this awesome lyric shoot planned but i was taking too much time dressing my doll, so i have to push that off until tomorrow.

i blame scarlette. she's too pretty i can't. O.o

the mint pullover is new(ish...i made it like three weeks ago haha). it sheds heaps but it's cute so *shrugs* it's also super lightweight so i can use it in spring (if that ever arrives...literally today it was 28 degrees and i walked out of school and screamed "OHMYGOD ITS SUNNY AND WARM AHH" it's that bad xD)

remember i'm holding a giveaway when i reach 100 ;););)
lol it sounds like i'm bribing you but i swear i'm not
just excited that mes parents (ayyyyy french) are allowing me to do that xD

but anyways how are you?