just a little emerson to brighten your day

This was Em's audition for AGPA. :) I took these with Megan the other day. Very windy, but I think they turned out pretty nice. :) thoughts? Feedback is greatly appreciated! Have a great day!



50 shades of green

that title tho
i'm sorry
 there was just so much green and i can't handle it


I was thinking of using this shoot as Emerson's audition for AGPA on YouTube but idk if they're good enough tbh. I really wanna enter my best, but this shoot was kinda so-so. I reeeeeeeeally like the third and fourth to last photos though. I think I might make one my new profile photo ;)

Oh, and like requested by Ellie, I took more photos in this deck type setting. :) I really like it here.

Any requests as to which doll I should take photos of next? Or any specific outfits? I feel like (well, I know) I use Em and Scarlette way too much. If it's not Ali, it's them xD 

Oh well, whatcha gonna do ¯\(ツ)they're just so pretty.



Sun Flares. (they're cool.)

Sorry there aren't many photos, it was really windy and I didn't wanna chance anything.

Lanie is such a cutie ♥


Who's excited for Replacement tomorrow? ;);) I know I am. Just a little spoiler for you all, Lanie plays Keegan in it, so I've been using her a lot lately just because she was out.

(since I don't have a super huge doll room area, I like to keep only three dolls out at a time to keep things looking neat. The other six all go in their boxes, and from there go in my closet until I need them or I swap out the dolls for three different ones. Before the Keegan scenes, Lanie has been in the closet, but now that she's out, I'm getting a lot of use out of her.)

Anyways, since I have nothing better to do, I guess I'll add in a few random update-ish type things.

1.) My one year blogiversary (or however you spell that) is coming up on April 4, for those of you who don't know. I wanted to know if you guys wanted my one year "speech", "rant", whatever you wanna call it, to be in the same post as my lyric shoot that I made specially for my anniversary, or if you would like that ina seperate post. I'm leaning towards seperate posts, but that would be two posts in a day...so idk.
2.) I decided to start using my Google +, so if you want to check that out, I'll have a link or something in the sidebar soon.

right, so I think that's it. 

QOTD: am I the only one that will literally eat croutons as a snack as opposed to a salad topping like normal people do?

have a lovely night!