Cool Spring Breezes

probably my favorite

it got up to 72 degrees today and I'm very pleased.


The wind wasn't as crazy as the past few days, so I took my darling little Jade out for some photos. I actually tried to capture the wind blowing her hair in some. Thoughts? Feedback is greatly appreciated. :)



  1. Jade is so gorgeous, and I love the color scheme of the outfit. <3 Lovely pics.

    - Ellie

  2. Hey, glad it's warming up where you are. xD
    The pictures are gorgeous~ lighting and everything. I actually do love the wind in her hair, and Jade's outfit is really cute! ^___^

  3. Love the photos! :)

    Allie D.

  4. Ahhh Maddie, share some of your amazing talent with the rest of us! Excuse my while I remove my jaw from the floor (my jaw dropped, these were so amazing!)...


  5. Jade looks fab! I love how colorful these are. Lately all of my photos have been very washed out. :/ I also agree with you on the favorite. ;) Your photography never ceases to impress me. I need to catch up on some of the photo shoot that I have missed!
    And yay for warm weather! Its been getting warmer where I live too! Finally. xD

    ~ Mint
    ~ Mint

  6. Gorgeous photos. ^_^ Jade looks adorable in that dress!
    ~Leah <3

  7. AHHH SO PRETTY! :D 72° sounds quite delightful. :) It's been kind of cold where we live, which is weird because just a week ago, it was in the seventies. :) anyway, Jade looks positively darling!

  8. Very Pretty photos! Jade is such a gorgeous doll.

  9. Jade looks super pretty! Did you make her dress?
    Lovely photos! The grass looks so green in these. The grass where I live is still very brown.
    - Zoë

  10. This doll has been on my wishlist for awhile, but your pictures make me want her all the more! Did you make the dress? It's beautiful. :)

  11. Jade is gorgeous! I love her shoes.

  12. 72 degrees?!? Luckyyyy...-_-
    No feedback is needed, because your photos are stunningly gorgeous!!

  13. Beauty!! Stunning!! Absolutely fabulous!! I love that red dress on Jade ^.^ Also the lightening is just fantastic!!

  14. Your doll is beautiful! Those pictures were so well taken! I'm finding out about so many doll-lover-bloggers!!! I think I might start getting addicted to dolls!


    1. check out my blog and post a comment on it?

  15. I love the dress! And those pics with the wind in her hair you could totally tell that it was wind and not like her hair was just messy! You are such a good photographer!