jade and ali (^_^)

of course emery had to make a second appearance


i just love how ali's eyes look in these photos O.o

question: do you guys want me to do doll bios? i'm bored so...



  1. What fantastic photos!! I agree, Ali's eyes are just!!! AHHHHH!!
    Also I love that purple highlight in Jade's hair!! And that would be fun to see some doll bios :D

  2. These are great photos! I love Jade's dress.

  3. Maddie, I just had a SPLENDID idea!
    You said that you wanted to open an Etsy shop. It costs twenty five cents to list an item. But if I send you an invitation through Etsy to open a shop, and you accept, then you and I will both get forty free listings! I will need your email address to send the invitation, though. If you are interested in doing this, please let me know! I have an Etsy shop and would love some free listings. :)

    1. I am going to be opening a shop on a few weeks! I'd love to do it with you if Maddie doesn't want to! :)

    2. I can do that with multiple people! Just drop a comment on my blog when you'd like me to invite you. :)

  4. I love the two pics of Ali right after the last shot of her and Jade.
    Oh, Emery :)

    - Ellie

  5. I think it would be so cool if you did doll bio's! The tenth to last picture is awesome!

  6. ALI'S EYES!!! oooh, so pretty :) As always, you never cease to amaze me Maddie :) And Jade just looked too pretty, and I especially liked her dress. Did you make it?

  7. Jade is so pretty! Ugh you're making me want her even more! xD
    ~Leah <3

  8. I just love the purple in Jade's hair. Ahh, so pretty!! Also, her dress is amazingly cute!!!!! :D

    ~ Mint