Birthday Haul 2015 (part 1)

hey guys!

since most of you liked the idea of a birthday haul, I decided to go ahead and make one. however, I have not received everything (like for example, Indie was paid for with money from my parents and some from my grandparents, but she won't be here for at least another week), so I decided that instead of making you guys wait like, two extra weeks, I'd just make two separate parts.

DISCLAIMER THAT LITERALLY EVERYONE PUTS IN HAUL TYPE POSTS AND/OR VIDEOS: I am in no way trying to brag or show off what I have received. I am ridiculously thankful for everything I have gotten, so no hate please. :)

(an overview of everything so far)

from my parents I received $40 (that I put towards Indie) and white Converse high tops. plus the worlds greatest card. ;)

from my good friend that you all knew as Cassie, I got a painting she made, and a shirt is on the way (it's an Irwin 94 shirt *cries*)

from my grandparents on my mom's side I got a pair of gray Vans and $60 (also put towards Indie).

from my grandparents on my dad's side I received some jelly beans, new socks, and $100.

I also got $20 from my great I grandparents, which I used to buy something from Kaitlyn's new Etsy shop. :)
(not pictured)

...and that's all for this post! I'll try to take some new photos today and get those up tomorrow. I hope you're all enjoying your long weekends! ;)



  1. I LOVE CONVERSE! Can't wait to see Indie! :)


  2. I love the pickle card! The painting is really awesome, great job Cassie! I love the quote :)

  3. Ooh, lucky you! I love those Vans, very cool.
    I'm dying to know what doll you've bought, I have a few guesses, but I'm probably wrong!
    Happy (late) birthday, by the way!

  4. Looks great! I LOVE THOSE CONVERSE <3

    Happy Birthday!

    Looks like you got some amazing things, and I absolutely love that card. xD
    (and I'm dying over here, I can't wait to see Indie)

  6. Wow, great gifts! You are lucky to get all that money! :)


  7. Happy Birthday Day to you!, Happy Birthday Day to you!, Happy Birthday dear Maddie....
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOOOOOUUUUU!!!!!!! What lovely gifts! That cucumber (or whatever vegetable that it) card is definitely my favourite:) Also this may sound weird, but man American money looks cool! It looks so different from NZ money :D Well, enjoy your cool money and fabulous cards >.< I can't wait to see INDIE!!!!! AHHHHH *faints*

  8. Happy Birthday Maddie!
    I'm really excited to see who Indie is!
    - Zoë

  9. You know what kills me? That pickle card.
    Nothing tops that card.
    XD Anyway, I'm glad you like the painting! If amazon didn't hate me, you could love the T-shirt too!
    I can't wait to see Indie either! I love that name (if I haven't said that already)!

    1. that goddamn pickle card is still somewhere in my huge mess of a room. i'm crying.