get to know me better!

just so this post isn't photo-less. :)

i feel like you guys don't really know me that well (just like i don't know most of you as well as i'd like), and since i have nothing better to do at the moment, i'm gonna answer 100 questions that i found somewhere on the internet so you guys can get to know me better than you (probably) already do (unless you know me personally, like for example, Megan). so...let's get started!

1.) what's your favorite season?
hmm...either fall or spring!

2.) grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find line 4.
"it became our sign, our secret mark, our sigil:"
-Invisible, Pete Hautman

3.) who was the last person you texted?
megan, and it was about us getting together for a shoot, which, by the way, we did. ;)

4.) before you started this survey, what were you doing?
listening to set it off while checking google+.

5.) what ia the last thing you watched on TV?

6.) without looking, guess what time it is.
uhh, 6:00? ooo, i was seven minutes off. well, now you can compare that to the time that i actually get this up, ahah.

7.) now look at the clock--what time is it?
like i said, it's 6:07.

8.) with the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
my music, which t the moment is The Haunting by Set it Off.

9.) do you tan or burn?
oooo baby, i burn...i burn baaaaadly.

10.) do you like fish?
not really, but i'll eat it if i have to.

11.) Mac or PC?
considering i'm typing this on my macbook, mac.

12.) do you remember your dreams?
usually i do, yes.

13.) when did you last laugh?
just now when i watched this for the billionth time: (click here to wet yourself if you're anything like me)

14.) do you remember why/what at?
well yeah, hence the link. ;)

15.) have you ever been to Canada?
no, but i really wanna go!

16.) shoes, socks, or bare feet?
socks soCKS SOCKS SOCKS i love socks man

17.) do you wear perfume?

18.) what is the last film you saw?
like, in the theaters or just the last movie i watched? because recently i rewatched the movie "Unbreakable". great movie, btw.

19.) if you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
i like it quite a lot right where i am. :)

20.) if you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy?
ooo, my new camera, a lens or two, some dolls bc who wouldn't, sewing stuff (you can never have too many patterns, lads), doc martins, and knowing me, probably some converse.

21.) where would you live if you could live anywhere?
who came up with these questions? did they hit their head?

22.) what's your favorite band?
YOU'RE MAKING ME CHOOSE? how bout i just list my top ten at the moment? yeah? okay? okay.
(in no order)
-set it off
-all time low
-panic! at the disco
-fall out boy
-my chemical romance
-sleeping with sirens
-5 seconds of summer
-hands like houses

23.) have you ever had to have surgery?
yeah, actually, when i was 12 i had to have tongue surgery, as strange as that sounds. xD it was pretty minor, though.

24.) do you enjoy school?
sometimes. i mean, i love seeing my friends every day, but sometimes the work just gets overwhelming.

25.) what do you think of these questions so far?
they're decent so far, minus that little question repeat up there.

26.) are you a righty or a lefty?
righty! if i write with my left hand it literally looks like a visually impaired three year old wrote it.

27.) who made the last incoming call on your phone?
not sure, actually--no one ever calls me, just texts, and the last call i got was a wrong number. so therefore, i'm not sure.

28.) what is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer?
this picture:

...don't ask.

29.) last time you swam in a pool?
this past wednesday--we had a pool party during school for those of us in a service club/organization. (i'm in the honor society so i went)

30.) type of music you dislike most?
as much as i despise country and rap, i'm gonna go with pop--can't stand it. pop punk is fine, but play ariana grande or ed sheeran and i'll ask for you to shoot me in the head. no offense to those of you who like that kind of music, btw. just my opinion.

31.) are you listening to music right now?
i am--currently the song is Dreamer by Ghost Town.

32.) what's your favorite color?
i like gray, mint, and black. also red.

33.) is there anything you're disappointed about?
not currently, no.

34.) what was the last thing you bought?
hmm...i believe it was either Indie or the cardigan i bought from Kaitlyn's etsy shop.

35.) sun or rain?
it depends on my mood. usually, unless i wanna take photos, i actually prefer rain. not like, a downpour though, but a nice, gentle rain.

36.) would you rather go bungee jumping or sky diving?
sky diving has always been something i wanna do. :)

37.) what's your zodiac sign?

38.) what's your hair color?
blonde technically, but it's a darker shade of it with light blonde highlights. (the highlights are naturl, btw)

39.) what quote do you live by?
"growing up is giving up". it's actually lyrics, but i still find it something i live by.

40.) what's your favorite zoo animal?
oh my god i love otters i really do. xD

41.) do you have any pets?
nope, and all i've ever had were fish. xD but sadly, they have all passed...they were good fish, and they are missed...hehe

42.) what color are your eyes?

43.) do you wear any kind of jewelry 24/7?
i don't tend to wear jewelry at all, so nope.

44.) do you turn the water off when you brush your teeth?
yeah, when i remember to...oops?

45.) do you know how to change your car's oil?
um hi, i'm 14, how's it going?

46.) do you have any phobias?
not any serious phobias, but i am mildly claustrophobic.

47.) what's your lucky number?
i don't really have a "lucky" number, if you will, but i do have a favorite number--and that's seven.

48.) have you ever eaten a crayon?
no, but i think one of my brothers have.

49.) can you solve a Rubix cube?
hahaha, no, i'm horrible at those. xD

50.) what are you listening to right now?
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing by Set it Off (aka my current favorite song) O.o

51.) do you like Marmit?
i've never heard of it.

52.) do you wear the hood on hoodies?
not unless it's cold and i don't have a beanie with me.

53.) is the glass half empty or half full?
half full. *flashes thumbs up*

54.) what's the farthest away place you've been?

55.) do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
all the time, it bother me when i don't. xD

56.) what's your favorite radio station?
i don't typically listen to the radio just because i'm not a fan of any of the stations i get.

57.) are you allergic to anything?

58.) were you named after anyone?
no, i wasn't.

59.) do you wear glasses/contacts?
yep, i love my glasses. ^_^

60.) have you ever walked out of a movie theater before the film was over?
no, even if the movie sucked, i wouldn't wanna waste the money i spent on the ticket and just leave.

61.) what's your least favorite school subject?
probably math.

62.) put your itunes library on shuffle. what song comes up?
Oh, Calamity! by All Time Low. :)

63.) do you wear jeans or sweatpants more?

64.) where in the world would you like to travel?
i'd really like to visit australia (anywhere in it would be great), london, and canada (again, anywhere in it would be fab).

65.) are you traveling anywhere soon?
not really, no.

66.) have you ever built an igloo?
no, but i remember when i was younger, i genuinely tried (and failed).

67.) best thing at starbucks?
idk i just like coffee.

68.) do you like watching scary movies?
omg yes i love horror movies!

69.) what's the best thing about school?
friends and band. :)

70.) what were you doing at midnight last night?
spamming people with pictures from my school's formal we went to last night (very fun, btw).

71.) what's under your bed?

72.) how do you really feel about what you're doing right now?
i can't believe it;s taken me over an hour and a half to get just past halfway through this thing.

73.) think fast, what do you like right now?
set it off--they've been my everything these past few hours it's ridiculous. i've been listening to them nonstop all day.

74.) are you sarcastic?
all the time mate.

75.) what time do you get up?
depends on what day it is. like, on a school day i get up at 5 but on weekends i wake up anywhere from 10-1.

76.) what was the name of your first pet?
bluebird the fish. then bluebird #2, sapphire, smokey, and big-eyed guy (my favorite). and then there was eeny, meeny, miney, moe, and stripey, but they were family fish...

77.) what color are your sheets?
white with gray-blue diamonds.

78.) how are you feeling right now?
tired yet inspired to go take photos.

79.) what was your favorite food as a child?
mashed potatoes. yum.

80.) how are you feeling right now?
yep okay you hit your head.

81.) can you whistle?

82.) do you drink soda?
yeah, probably more often than i should.

83.) have you read the harry potter series?
but of course i have. i have harry's wand in my room man.

84.) can you drive a stick shift?
uh, no.

85.) what's your favorite candle scent?
i like anything either cinnamon or vanilla scented. :)

86.) have your pants ever fallen down in public?
thankfully, no. belts are my best friend.

87.) do you sing in the shower?

88.) can you speak another language?
un peu de francais. (a little of french. not fluently, but i could probably hold somewhat of a conversation in french)

89.) can you close your eyes and raise your eyebrows?
yep, i can.

90.) dogs or cats?
dogs, by far.

91.) do you make wishes at 11:11?
i used to when i was little, but gave up when i realized that they didn't come true. sad thing, really.

92.) what's your favorite type of chapstick?
tbh i just like the original flavor of chapstick brand chapstick...

93.) which came first--the chicken or the egg?
hmm...the egg? no, the chicken. wait, scratch that--i have no idea.

94.) what are you reading now?
nothing currently. just finished godless by pete hautman though. only read it because i had to for school. it was wicked confusing.

95.) can you touch your nose with your tongue?

96.) can you walk in heels?
considering i've never worn heels before (you're talking to the girl that wore converse to her formal dance), i am not quite sure.

97.) how many rings before you answer the phone?
however many it takes for me to get to the phone.

98.) any new and exciting things you'd like to share?
besides indie coming soon and marching band being amazing, not really. :)

99.) what is most important in life?
knowing who you are and not being afraid to be yourself.

100.) what inspires you?
music. if it weren't for music, i'd be the most vanilla person out there, along with the shiest, most timid, most boring person.

whelp, looks like that's it! i hope maybe that let you get to know a little more about me, even though some of those were pretty random and/or lame. i encourage you guys to answer some of these in the comments to let me get to know you better, if you want! i'd love that.

thanks for reading, and have a great night! i plan to have an OOTD post up tomorrow. :)



  1. Most of these answers were the same as mine. :3 Um, can I add a question? Do you have a religion? I am Agnostic. :3 Also the chicken came first. True fact.
    E xox

    1. Sweeeeet! Sure you can. ;) my entire family is Christian, but I personally am athiest. Good to know! Thanks for that, ive been wondering


  2. So many similarities to talk about but can I just say a loud amen to not liking pop? Don't get me wrong, there's a few songs I can handle, but I really don't care for that type of music. :P
    Wearing converse to formal sounds like something I'd do. Also would probably still be in jeans because I don't do dresses. >-<
    I'm determined to check out Set It Off tomorrow. There's some weird part of me that has to have at least basic knowledge of the bands/musicians people talk about. Idk, I'm weird. Not that that's not apparent.
    xo Adi
    (Your sarcasm gives me life, btw. Always cracks me up)

    1. I agree 100%. I also feel like if they didn't play the same five songs over and over again on the radio I wouldn't get so sick of certain songs that might otherwise have been tolerable for me.
      I wanted to go in normal, everyday clothes but they wouldn't let you in unless you were in "appropriate formal attire" so I wore a dress for the first time in seven years. Not fun.
      It's not that weird, I feel the same way. Weird is good, mate, weird is good...

      (heheheh, I'm glad you enjoy it. ;) )


    1. Winter.
    2. matter but was, at least, succinct. Apparently you also - The Fifth Elephant by Terry Pratchett.
    3. My best friend, Reagan.
    4. Listening to Hozier <3.
    5. I don't really watch TV....I think it was the movie Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, although that was a DVD....does it count?
    6. 10:30
    7. 11. Wow, that was good. (not)
    8. Nothing right now - my house is completely quiet. But a few minutes ago I heard a train pass by (we live super close to the rail).
    9. Tan.
    10. NO.
    11. Mac :).
    12. For a few minutes after I wake up, but then they disappear quickly.
    13. When I watched that pumpkin video Maddie linked and I AM SO GLAD IT EXISTS HALLELUJAH
    14. *gestures to previous question*
    15. No, but I want to.
    16. If the shoes are combat boots, then shoes. If not, fuzzy socks all the way, man.
    17. No.
    18. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, as mentioned above.
    19. The place in New Zealand where the hobbit holes are <3
    20. All the doll stuff I want. I would practically build them their own house.
    21. *takes the person who thought up these questions, ties an anchor to them, drops them in the ocean, and drowns them*. The average intelligence of the human species just went up 20 points.
    22. Does Pentatonix count? They're a cappella. I'll say they count.
    23. Yup.
    24. I enjoy learning. I do not enjoy school. Learning is discovering new things and new experiences and gaining knowledge. School is the social hierarchy and mean teachers and homework.
    25. Fairly okay.
    26. Righty :).
    27. My grandma.
    28. I think it was some pictures I took of my dolls for my blog.
    29. Wednesday - my class went on an end-of-the-year trip to a water park.
    30. Christian. Rock. I'm sorry to all the people I just offended, but I don't want to sit around and listen to a bunch of white men singing about how "righteous" sexism, racism, and being a homophobe is as long as it "glorifies" God. Pardon and thank you and don't let the door hit you on the way out.
    31. Nope.
    32. To look at, blue. To wear, black.
    33. Society.
    34. A doll crop top, sweater, and shorts from Etsy.
    35. Rain.
    36. Sky diving :).
    37. Aries.
    38. Brown.
    39. "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars." And I can't put who said it because some places are saying it was Les Brown and others Norman Vincent Peale and still others that it was anonymous so to whoever thought it up congratulations I'm jealous of your power with words. :)
    40. Goats at the petting zoo. I also like feeding the fish.
    41. Yup, an adorable flat-coated retriever (think of it as a black golden retriever) named Stella. <3
    42. Hazel, verging on green.
    43. My Pirates of the Caribbean Jar of Dirt necklace. <3
    44. Yup.
    45. I didn't even know you changed oil. I thought you just replaced it. Or is it the same thing?
    I'm gonna go with no.
    46. No.
    47. 13.
    48. No. I wasn't even aware that was a thing.
    Now I kinda want to see someone eat a crayon.
    49. No.
    50. Right at this very second I'm not listening to anything, but this week I've been listening to Hozier and Tori Kelly, and the last song I listened to was "Like Real People Do" by Hozier. :)
    So I typed all my answers up but evidently I used too many characters so here's bit 1.

    1. AND BIT 2.
      51. What is this "Marmit"?
      52. Not usually,
      53. Half. Freakin'. Empty.
      54. Paris.
      55. Never.
      56. The jazz channel. I know, I'm weird.
      57. Rocephin - it's a medicine.
      58. Eleanor Roosevelt and Eleanor of Aquitaine (the wife of Edward II of England and mother of Richard the Lionhearted and John the Bad (the latter of which signed the Magna Carta.) She introduced culture and arts into the English court during the 1100s.)
      59. Glasses.
      60. Not that I know of.
      61. MATH.
      62. "Glory and Gore" by Lorde.
      63. Jeans.
      64. Italy, Germany, the Orient, and the New Zealand place with the hobbit holes.
      65. I'll hopefully be going to San Francisco with my mom sometime in July.
      66. Not necessarily built. More like carved out of a huge pile of snow. Does that count?
      67. I've actually never had anything at Starbucks. Not even their water or desserts or anything.
      68. Not really.
      69. Learning (see question above).
      70. Ummm......I think I was playing Crossy Road on my phone. Either that or I was sleeping.
      71. *peeks under bed* Let's see. It appears the inventory is currently two bowls of half-eaten food, one clump of used Kleenex, one pack of unused Kleenex, three hangers, my laptop case, and one throw pillow. Huh.
      72. Pretty fine.
      73. Hozier. Mainly his music, but also his hair. <3
      74. Definitely.
      75. On a school day about 7:15, on a non-school-day about 8-10.
      76. Stella. She's my first and favorite and only ever. <3
      77. White. This is somewhat inconvenient, as I'm always eating stuff on my bed and spilling it on the sheets.
      78. Tired of all these freakin' questions.
      79. Meatballs. <3
      80. I'm thinking more like 30 points.
      81. Nope. I want to, though.
      82. Rarely.
      83. Nope.
      84. I don't even know what that is.
      85. Cookie dough <3
      86. No.
      87. Yup, all the time.
      88. Nope.
      89. Yes.
      91. Nope. I used to, though. And at 12:12, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, etc.
      92. Um I wanna say the brand's called Carmax but that's probably not it. Idk but it's super soft and feels almost stinging on your lips, but I like that b/c I feel like my lips are being cleaned. Idk I'm honestly so weird.
      93. The egg.
      94. Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. It's incredible <3.
      95. Nope.
      96. Barely.
      97. However many it takes for me to get to the phone. Unless it's someone I don't like, in which case the most possible. Or I just let them go to voicemail.
      98. Umm I graduated 8th grade so that's a thing. I'm starting a summer art class on Tuesday. Nothing else, really.
      99. Taking the plunge.
      100. Other people's creativity and books.

      Well that took a while.
      I think I kinda just hijacked your post.
      Oh well. ;)
      And I definitely loved your answers. They were a ton of fun to read :).

      - Ellie


      woooooo good for you to answer all 100 questions down here! i thoroughly enjoyed reading all your answers. ;)


    3. Oh gee. I stay so far away from that kind of thing that it wasn't even on my Hatred Radar!
      Ugh, the bible is not a happy place, is it. I was forced to go to sunday school for several years and was only recently able to talk my way out of it. Church gives me the willies, and I am SO GLAD to see that I am not the only one on here that is displeased by Christianity. One hardly ever sees stuff like this in the doll blogoverse. either people won't talk about religion at all, or there are the few that blatantly post bible passages all the time. Nothing in between.

    Cinnamon candles are amazing, and that goose sweater is the most beautiful thing Ive ever seen.

      thank you, thank you, it is quite beautiful.


  5. I watched that pumpkin dance and nobody else was awake. As I said, WAS. I probably woke them all up from laughing so hard...XD
    THE PRANCING GEESE! What was our their single going to be called again? XD
    Cody Carson...have I ever shown you the picture of him when he was our age holding a plate of cookies? If not, go yell at me to text it to you.
    Great answers to everything else. This was a great idea!

    1. omg xD
      OH NO I FORGET but i know that it was genius so
      AH I'VE SEEN THAT I'VE SEEN IT!!!1111!!11!!! cody carson is *gasps* slowly replacing ashy babe.


  6. The converse thing is me too. I'm at a dressy party right now (hiding in the bushes) and I'm wearing a dress (I only wear them when I have to, but even then it's not horrible because you get a "nice healthy breeze around your underparts" (that was from the 4th Harry potter book, I think. Before the quidditch world cup.) I am wearing undies, in case you were worried. and I got lots of compliments.) And my dingy converse high tops. Awesomeness.
    For 8th grade graduation we have to be dressy, too. So I'm going to have to wear a dress like this, but Kim will let me wear her combat boots.

    About the phone: all of the rings. I will not answer the phone unless it's grandma.

    I VERY MUCH agree with you on the music thing. Country, pop and rap. icky poo.

    1. ayyy yep i loved wearing a pair of my high tops to a dance where most other girls were wearing painful looking heels. it just made me look smarter. *winks*

      ahaha, yeah, i hate talking on the phone and often don't answer it even after i make an effort to get to the phone.

      glad we're on the same page. *thumbs up*


  7. Wow that took me a while to read all those questions!! Do u mind if I do it on my blog? I would answer them all now but I'm too tired >.< also do you get up at 5 am for school?! What time does your school start?!! That is insane I can't even comprehend how early that is! Awesome post by the way :)

  8. Great idea to have this post! Could you please check out my most recent post? And vote? I would love it if you could! :)

    Allie D.

  9. Nice! We're actually pretty similar.