(in which i return)

i don't mean to be a bother,
but have you seen this girl?


HOLY BALLS. well hi there, it's been a while, hasn't it? man, have i been BUSY. i owe you guys an apology, plus list of people moving onto the next round of AGPC, and i promise you i will get that up very soon. i also owe you guys some real photography. oh yeah, that reminds me...

i've kinda been changing my photography habits over the past few weeks--i want my photos to tell a story. i'm tired of meaningless head shots of nothing but emery (because let's face it--i play favorites with my girls and em always seems to get the most camera time) and some green bokeh in the background. now don't get me wrong, i love emery and i love bokeh, but they're just plain old boring. i want my photos to be something i can call my own, so therefore i have been experimenting. the above photo is one of the results. :) thoughts? i personally find it easier to set up a scene and take a small amount of photos as opposed to my usual "go outside and take a gazillion photos that all seem to look the same" routine, which i really just haven't had time for lately. but don't worry, my school lets out on june 10, so then we'll go back to those almost daily posts and new photos all the time and...well, you get the point. anyways.

my birthday's on wednesday--do you guys want a post on what i got like i did for christmas? if so, do you want just doll stuff or human things, too? want a photo story for kanani's birthday (which was today :P)? want photo shoots? who of? please let me know and i will try to cater to your desires. ;) 

by the way, i gave ali freckles and let me tell you--she is such a cutie. O.o

have a lovely night you guys. love you! ♥



  1. I would love to see photo-stories! ^-^ And Kananai's birthday! :)

  2. Happy early birthday! I would love to see photostories! Your photography is beautiful, no matter what!


  3. I totally agree with you! I want my pictures to tell a story even if I only get three up on my blog :) I can't wait to see what you come up with!! ^.^ Also early happy birthday and happy bday kanani!! A photo story would be fun!! >.<

  4. HAAAAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!!! *drum roll* *confetti explosion*
    I would love to see what you got (all things), a photo story, and photo shoots of Felicity.

    - Ellie

      *streamers shoot out of a cannon*
      *glittery party hats*
      *colorful balloons*
      *pushes a huge chocolate cake towards you*
      Haaaappy birthday, Maddie! You're such an amazing friend; I hope you have an awesome day and perfect year. You deserve it <3

      - Ellie

  5. I love this photo! Happy early birthday!!! ^_^ A photo story would be great!
    ~Leah <3

  6. Photo story would be awesome! Happy Early B-Day!

  7. That picture is absolutely gorgeous.
    I've been experimenting with the story thing, too. Honestly, I'm happy with whatever pictures you post because they're all gorgeous. You're one of the few bloggers who can post photoshoots all day and I won't get bored.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! I'd love to see what you got, both human and doll. :)

  8. Happy (late) Birthday (even though I already said Happy Birthday like a million times yesterday XD)!!!!!!
    I LOVE the picture! I also LOVE the idea of making your photography mean more than just a picture. I can't wait to see future photoshoots!

  9. Wonderful photo. I agree, and you should deff do a haul for you bday. :)
    E xox