a photography excursion


i took these back in april when i went to a local park on a "photography excursion", as i like to put it. unfortunately, i did not bring any dolls with me, but i plan on returning there soon to do some shoots with the girls. :)

so yeah. these are a bit different than my usual photography style, but i kinda like it. ;) have a favorite photo? comment down below if you do!

oh yeah, and my personal blog is up and running here if you wanted to check it out.
yes i know i said i wasn't gonna like, post a link or whatever but eh.

bye guys! love ya!



  1. Oh my gosh, Maddie, stunning pictures! :) You're so amazingly talented. Please leave some perfection for the rest of us, okay?

    - Ellie

  2. Those are amazing! You have some serious talent.


  3. Bricks and arches and doorways!! Bricks! It makes me think of castles.

  4. These are all sooo pretty! I love them all, especially the flower ones! :)

  5. Anonymous16.6.15

    this looks straight outta slender man you better run
    - grace who's too lazy to log in

    1. ...it does wow okay im running im running


  6. Love these, especially the last few!

  7. Nice pictures!! I like the ones with the yellow flowers best. Taking a doll there would be awesome! Oh yeah, I tagged you for a World Doll Day tag, but feel free to ignore that.

  8. All of these photos are so gorgeous! However, my favorites are the 5th and 6th to last. :D

    ~ Mint

  9. There's nothing like a little photography excursion to keep you going. :)

  10. What fantastic photos! I absolutely love our photography perspective (I don't think that's even a thing) But just the angle and way your take your pics is so awesome! I'm so sorry if that sounded creepy.. Yeah. And this may sound weird but it would be so cool to shoot like a movie in those building/ruin things! Ahh they look so cool!