ootd: blue eyed beauties (& maddie rants)


maroon cardigan from KaitlynsDollCloset on etsy

converse high tops from Sophia's on amazon

white cami made by me
black skater skirt made by me
necklace from AG

her hair is just pinned out of her face.


navy & lace crop top made by me

white capris from AG

fringed sandals from AG


so i took photos of my two blue eyed beauties the other day. ^_^
they're so cute. <3
here are some extra photos:

ali got more photos...oops?
chris is still hella cute tho. ;)



so i'd like to say something.

i came here, to the ag community online, so i could be myself.

now let me reintroduce myself to you all--
i'm maddie, a 14 year old girl that loves music (BANDSBANDSBANDS), photography, and my dolls. i tend to have a dirty mouth just because i've become used to that type of language from the music i listen to and the people (read: band members) i look up to most. i can get somewhat annoying at any given moment, and i'm known to never shut up and give someone else a chance to talk. 

but i keep it pg on here.

lately i've felt as though i can't post what i want to because of people not liking the things i say. do you know how many lyric shoots i want to make but am afraid to post because it swears a few times in the song? a lot! at least 8 or 9, and that's just recently. now, i'm not trying to single people out, i'm just saying, i didn't come here just to feel like i'll be rejected by the rest of you guys because of who i am. 

i'm not here for the numbers, and i never have been. i'd rather have five followers and readers who actually liked me for who i am as opposed to say 87 but only a few actually like me.

i don't want any comments asking if it was you that bugged me. and i don't want any apologies if you think it was you. because i'm not even saying that anyone did anything, i'm just saying that i don't feel welcome to post what i want to because of the vibe i've been getting ever since i came here, really.

i'm sorry i'm not a perfect little flower child.
never will be.

but i made a decision. i'm not going to let my fears keep me from posting what i want. if people have a problem with what i post, then they can kindly unfollow if they're a follower, and if they aren't, then they can click that little red "x" and never come back. i don't care. i'm not going to restrict my creative juices because of my fears of being accused of being a bad person because i did a lyric shoot to a song that said sh*t or something.

i like to think i'm a pretty consistent blogger. i have never taken a break, unlike most bloggers out there. i post at least once a week, sometimes i even post two times a day. granted, i gave up on three series in this past year, but i never left blogging as a whole.

being consistent was one of the hardest things i've ever done. but i didn't wanna let you down.

however, i feel like some of you guys are letting me down in a way.

if i don't restrain myself from doing certain things, then believe me, it won't be hard at all to post. in fact, posts will probably be more frequent than ever.

so to conclude this rant that makes no sense and is all over the place, i'm gonna leave you with this:

if you don't like what i post, then please leave. don't ever come back. unfollow. erase me from your history--I DONT CARE. just don't make me feel like i'm doing something wrong, and don't accuse me of things.

that is all.





  1. Are you ready for my rant Maddie? Cause here goes.
    Like you, my idols and those I admire are band members, who have got mouths like sailors. I don't think Gerard Way can get through an interview without cussing, honestly.
    I personally, don't think it's anybody's right to chastise somebody about how they speak. It's a strong form of expression, and the fact that we as humans have created words merely so that they can be labeled explicit, is quite stupid to me.
    There are a great number of photoshoots I yearn to do, but haven't, because of cussing. I think I'm done with that now.
    I really want to commend you on writing this. No one is truly a flower child, and if people don't like how someone is, then they obviously don't have to be around that person.
    I for one can't wait to see what comes next from you. Thanks for providing me with a little more confidence to do what I want.
    xo Adi

    1. IM READY.
      amen to that. and i agree, i don't think he can.
      i have like eight shoots as drafts but i've literally been afraid to hit publish. not cool.
      thank YOU for always being there for me, adi. ^_^ <3 i don't think i'd ever have the courage to write this without you and leah's supporting of my complaining. xD ;) hey, we're all in this together.


  2. Good for your for speaking your mind. You are absolutely right in that this is your blog, it's not a business you need to run and please your customers. Be free to be yourself. As you get older you will realize how little other people's opinions really matter and what is the most important thing in the world is your own happiness from within. If you feel happy and free posting your true thoughts and feels go for it! :) It's great that you already realize that this is YOUR blog and your creative outlet! Don't give any attention to negative feedback-just delete it :)

    1. aww, thanks so much, farrah! it's the little things like this that keep me going on here. ^_^ <3


  3. PS. I love the first outfit by the way, so cute! :)

    GOOD FOR YOU WOOHOO GO MADDIE *streamers*. Tbh, it's your blog, and your dolls, and you're not writing it for us, you're writing it for you. So damn well go ahead and put whatever you want on it.
    I used to think the fandom was all sweet and nice and accepting but since coming on here I've figured out it's really not. It's mostly a bunch of rich white first world religious fundamentalist girls who think only white heterosexuals are going to heaven. It's a bunch of fundamentalists who spew bullcrap like "if you say hell or oh my god you're going to hell" onto their screens and only accept people who are the same freakin' way. Everyone always is like "OMG THE AG BLOGGER COMMUNITY IS THE NICEST PLACE I'VE EVER BEEN AND EVERYONE IS SO ACCEPTING AND LOVING HERE" and tbh if you say that you're either a) a fundamentalist b) severely delusional or c) a coward. Like good for you mads for standing up to them. YOU SAID A THING THAT NEEDED TO BE SAID.

    - Ellie

    P.S. - I LOVE Ali's outfit, and Chrissa's pants are just gaah yes.

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    2. Oh, I do. And I definitely love it.
      Good for you. The world needs to be filled with more people like you. There's a kid in my class at school who genuinely wants to send them all to concentration camps. Like no.

      - Ellie

    3. Haha, good. I love to read her comments so much. I might start reading it soon -- need to double check with my mom.
      Aww, thanks. That means a lot to me -- I love your world view and I really think the world needs a good deal more people to read your blog and agree.
      Seriously? I really want to talk to this kid. Like, pronto. One of my biggest pet peeves is how much the US does not need any more discrimination (we can't even teach the kids in our country that we had internment camps that we killed people in -- and that's in a lot of the population's life time) but people insist on it again and again.
      Isn't that annoying? Honestly, I think we really need a Teen-and-tweens-who-will-respect-each-other-and-act-mature-and-educated message board. That would be really awesome.


    5. Also, I meant to say I don't read it a lot (I said I don't; left out a bit of the sentence) but I do read it.

  5. While I don't exactly approve of swearing and such, I understand that this is your blog and you have the right to post what you want. However, a slight warning at the beginning of especially... mature, posts would be highly appreciated. You are a lovely person, and I respect your decisions.

  6. I love Ali freckles! And the navy crop to is really cute :) This is your blog and you should be able to express yourself, I think this is what bloggers are supposed to do to learn, grow and improve. I think the best compromise, like what Tenley J. suggested, is to warn or at least say that this is a more mature post, just so that readers who are sensitive to this may be given a warning that their might be cuss words and such.

  7. Good for you, Maddie!
    I personally don't cuss because I don't like to, but most of the bands I listen to swear.
    Do what you want, because most of us really don't mind a few curses, and plus we're stopping you from sharing your amazing photography.
    Ali and Chrissa look amazing. I wish I had your sewing talent.

  8. I agree with Polka Dot Bee, Ali's freckles are adorable! I love both girls' outfits, too :) Wow, That's so exciting that Indie is coming tomorrow! Congratulations on your new doll :) I completely respect that it is your decision what you want to post, and I'm really sorry that the AG Community hasn't been welcoming to you :( I also agree with what Polka Dot Bee said: I like Tenley J.'s idea for a warning for more mature content for those who are sensitive or just don't like reading that sort of thing can be warned first. If you do end up doing more mature posts, I definitely won't stop reading your blog, but I probably will just look at the photos that go with your posts that include swear words :)

    ♥ Shelby


    Also, I'd like to say that that's great! While I'm not a fan of cursing, I don't mind if people curse sometimes. As long as it isn't the N word, which no one should say, I think it is absolutely fine if you sometimes want to say a bad word.
    If you don't mind some cursing, I'd say it's fine to post some on your blog.
    I came to blogging to meet other doll-lovers because none of my friends were into dolls as much as I was.
    And sometimes I get mean PMs on YT because someone's read my blog and they think my opinions are dumb, or that I'm over-opinionated, or that I have a completely messed up view of the world.
    And sometimes I think the same of them.
    So I understand the "i'm not here for the numbers, and i never have been. i'd rather have five followers and readers who actually liked me for who i am as opposed to say 87 but only a few actually like me."
    But for every 3 mean comments, or PMs, I get one person who agrees with me, or might not agree, but respects my world views.
    And I think that's what friendship is about.
    And it's why I started my blog.
    So I'd like to say that when you do, I a completely behind you and will keep reading your blog no matter what. In fact, since I now have a commenting/following email, I am now following you.

  10. You go Maddie! Say whatever you want to say! Love the pictures and outfits by the way! Very cute! :)

  11. Love the pictures and the outfits! I have the same converse shoes. :)
    And also, do what YOU want, and don't feel pressured to do something, because like you said, if they don't like what you do, then they don't have to come back! We're here for you and will support whatever you want to do. <3

  12. I officially give you the Gwendolyn Seal Of Swearing Approval.
    Lol that should be a button.

  13. Hi, Maddie! I love your blog and your posts. The dolls look fabulous and the wardrobe items you created are outstanding.

    I like that you are making a stand for yourself. You should not be bullied to conduct your blog in any way other than what you create. Tenley's suggestion is valid for lyric posts with strong language. Another option is to start the word and don't finish it like they do on the radio mixes.

    I am not a fan of swearing, but definitely do it sometimes and have lots of friends who do all the time and am not offended by most words. Like you said, if I am offended I don't have to finish reading the post and I most certainly do not have to comment about my offense. One additional suggestion (and in no way do you have to take the suggestion), be judicious with regards to some songs and the words they contain; the N word and C word are never acceptable as Paula Dean and others have found out.

    Keep up the fabulous work you do and design posts that make you the happiest. You are the owner and creator and do a great job with all your shoots.

  14. Oh, and with regards to those who have been less than kind...I saw this on Facebook the other day and think it fits (plus should give you a laugh).

    "Don't make excuses for nasty people. You can't put a flower in an asshole and call it a vase."

  15. Hey Maddie,
    Yours is one of my favourite blogs out there, and I really look up to your writing and photography skills.

    I completely understand about being yourself when you blog and not worrying about what others may think of you. It's a good decision and will definitely make you the happiest in the long run.

    Your dolls are absolutely beautiful, you always have them clean and dressed so nicely. I wish my dolls looked like that! They've been played with an awful lot and have many scars from all of their adventures (mainly adventures I shouldn't have risked in the first place) but anyways.

    You're an amazing person, just keep doing whatever it is that makes you happiest.

    ~Jessi xox

  16. Your blog, Your dolls, You do what you want! If people think that cursing automatincally makes you a bad person then their wrong because honestley your the sweetest person in the WHOLE world. Your so talented and caring. Your so unique (in a GREAT way) in everyting you do!! People dont know you they way I do being your my nieghbor and all and they dont see in places I do and they dont see how your even more amazing in person and your so respectful and everything good!!! Im so glad I met and that we became friends<3Keep doing what your doing because I personally think its amazing!


  17. Thank you, Maddie and Watermelon. I recently checked out AG Outsider and LOVE it! Thanks again!

  18. Anonymous11.6.15

    Go Maddie! Just so you know, I love your blog and you posts always make me laugh! Don't let anyone stop you from doing what you love! I can't wait to see your personal blog, either!

  19. I really love the outfits in this post!