{oh, we're still so young}

swear to shake it up if you swear to listen,
oh, we're still so young—desperate for attention.
i aim to be your eyes, trophy boys, trophy wives.


dear two three four people that unfollowed because of my last post,
thank you. thanks for just doing what you wanted to do without spewing crap in the comments. :3 now granted, i'm back where i started and i swear to god i will never be able to have that giveaway*, but thank you for doing what i want people like you to do.

ANYWAYS this picture isn't super artistic, creative, etc., etc., but that just means the window of meanings has opened wider. what do you think emerson is "thinking"?


*i don't think you guys understand—my parents won't let me hold a giveaway until i reach a certain amount of followers (in this case, 100). i wish i could hold one now but i just don't have permission. i hope you understand. </3


  1. That picture is beautiful. Emerson being beautiful might be what makes it so beautiful. :)

    I think Emerson is thinking that she wants attention. She sort of looks like she's longing for attention, and also, the lyrics say "desperate for attention".

    I hope you get to 100 followers soon. You deserve so many followers that I'm surprised you don't have 100 yet. I'm not allowed to enter giveaways, but I'm still excited for yours (whenever you get 100 followers, that is). Is that weird?


    1. thanks—emerson is very beautiful, i think you may be right. ;)

      thanks for sharing! i like that idea. :)

      haha, thank you—i'm not surprised. xD i post controversial stuff with dolls made for eight year olds. i'm surprised i don't have less. xD
      nah, it's not weird, i always get excited when people reach a goal of theirs and have a giveaway, both because i like seeing them accomplish something dear to them, and i enjoy seeing what they're using as prizes. :)

  2. I love this! The photography is stunning, as usual, and I LOVE how you asked us to think about what Emerson might be thinking.
    I think Emerson is mentally preparing herself to do something foolhardy but somewhat fun for attention. I think she knows she's going to get in trouble but is gearing herself up to not care. Perhaps it is something deeper, though. What do you think, Maddie?

    - Ellie

    1. thank you, ellie!
      i think you may have my favorite answer. ;) what do i think about what it means? is that what you're asking? oh goodness...i think that she's talking about people (more specifically tweens and teens) today—still so young, yet desperate for attention, and willing to get that desired attention by whatever means possible. "i aim to be your eyes"—emerson is saying/thinking that she wants to show them that there's more to life than just searching for attention, but want them to promise that they'll at least listen to what she has to say first. but idk. there are so many possibilities.
      YEAH I WILL...when everyone loses their mind and/or is blackmailed. xD

  3. She wants to be different or weird or let her true self come blazing out in all its glory, as long as you promise to understand.
    And with that understanding, we would also like some attention.
    I'm not getting the trophy wives bit... Maybe she wants to show off?
    Please please please think I'm awesome. U r awesome. U like my awesome? We shall be awesome together.
    She needs a person to be co-captain of the Emerson awesomeness train...show...plane...unit...?

    I have 27 followers, and probably all of them already follow you. So let's scour the interwebs for people who don't know how great you are and convert them to Maddie Monsters.
    Off I go!

    1. oooh, i like it.
      and the trophy boys/trophy wives, i'm assuming, is just the audience to which the singer/writer wants to be the eyes of. lol. idk if you want to know for sure you can just google the meaning of "the only difference between martyrdom and suicide is press coverage" by panic! at the disco.

      oh great, a field trip. xD

  4. I think Emerson's trying to make us defy her, she's making a face as if to say "Go on then. Tell me what you really think of me." When people do she swears to change, because the responses aren't what she expected.. idk.
    You will definitely get to 100 followers, trust me.
    (meanwhile we can both wallow in the sadness of not being allowed to have giveaways, because I'm miles away across the pond ..)

    1. oh, wow, i really really like that one. <3
      eh. maybe in a few years when i no longer blog and can't put out questionable content.
      (and i have weird/overprotective parents..)

  5. First, this picture is gorgeous, and thank you for going back to your usual, one picture posts.
    I think that Emerson is saying, "Look at me. I'm here. And I want you to know that."
    Maddie, you WILL get 100 followers! I'm surprised you don't have 100 already…
    (I don't think I'll ever get to hold a giveaway, so don't worry.)

  6. Damn it Maddie! Now I have that song stuck in my head! XD
    I like the picture and Emerson's new choker! :)

  7. Love the photo.

    I hope you get your 100 followers. Of course, if they are only following for free stuff and not the art...