{sometimes you gotta fall before you fly}

i'm tired and i'm lost,
i don't wanna be found.
i put my heart and my soul
and strength in this now.

so forgive me 'cause i won't forget that
this world has changed me.
so you know when you ask me—

"who are you now?"
did you say what you want?
don't go back to the start.
i'm asking, who are you now?
did they break you apart?
won't you fight back for what you want?

sometimes you gotta fall before you fly—
we're gonna work this out.


the feeling of emptiness i have when i know i'm not blogging is one of the worst feelings i've ever had. i don't know if this is me coming back or if it's just me keeping myself sane.

whatever it is, i miss this.

i miss you.