the crew in review | chrissa & kanani

her features
josefina face mold
blue eyes
feathered eyebrows
light skin tone
short dark brown hair
center part

incredibly photogenic
easy to care for
looks good in anything

tbh i don't have any

overall, chris is one of my absolute favorites and i love her to death. <3

her features
jess face mold
hazel eyes
feathered eyebrows
medium skin tone
long, wavy, golden brown hair
side part

surprisingly easy to care for

i don't know if this was just my doll, but her limbs came very loose.

kanani is a gorgeous, gorgeous doll that i highly recommend. her hair really isn't that bad.


i hope you found these helpful. :) both of these girls are stunning, and i highly recommend both of them. who do you want to see next? (you can choose up to two)


i actually have a photostory planned (yeah i know right crazy), but it probably won't be up until next week at the earliest. this week i have a shit ton of band stuff to do (two parades, practice every day, homecoming game on friday), so that's why. i'm trying to be more active on my personal blog though, so if you want to keep up with me there, feel free to. :)



  1. Wow they both are gorgeous! Love the pic of Chrissa. I would like to see Julie!

  2. Probably Archer and Lanie.

  3. I would like to see Archer and Lanie next.

    Also, I'm sure you have, but I feel like need to ask: have you heard the song I Promise by Set It Off? Because I am seriously obsessed with it. If you do know it, you probably used it in one of your posts and that's why I know it, because I'm not sure where else I would have heard about it.

    -Annie (also, I think you should know that I started typing Maddie instead of Annie just now)

  4. Both of those dolls are super pretty, and I just love how chrissa's bright eyes stand out against her dark hair. Next I would like to see Archer and Lanie

  5. Those two are stunning. And I would like to see Archer and Ali.

  6. Archer! She's on my wish list, along with #24, Addy (for some reason), #58, and #49!

  7. I would like to see Ali or Juliett. ;)
    I want Chrissa AND Kanani so bad!!! ESPECIALLY Kanani!

  8. Ohh I want Kanani so bad...but I can't find a Kanani less than a fortune or a limb :C
    I love your heading with the quote btw <3 :)