why do i love dolls?

often times i sit down and think to myself,

'why do i love dolls?
why me?
why the girl who wears primarily black?
why the girl who listens to music that would make some people cry?
why the girl who is actually pretty easily creeped out by other brands of dolls?
what makes american girl different?
are they different?
am i just crazy?'

perhaps it's because my friends are totally accepting of them,
or that they give me something to call my own.

maybe it's because with them, perfect little girls made of vinyl, i feel like i can teach a lesson about how they aren't perfect,
how people aren't always what they seem.

it could be the fact that they're better models than humans, as they don't complain when you make them stand in the same pose for hours,
or that i can build their own personalities as if they were human.

could it be that they simply give me something to do?
that they taught me how to stick with something and never give up?

that people can be cruel,
but also the most amazing beings?

perhaps it's just the versatility of them, how easily they can change.

but it could also be how they never really change at all.

all i do know is that i love dolls,
and i love them a lot.


  1. Wow. Amazing post. You are an inspiration to the world of bloggers. :)

  2. This was the sweetest thing Mad Hatter. The way you worded it was gorgeous. <3
    xo Adi

  3. Gorgeous. <3 And those pictures of Indie are fab.

  4. All hail the inspirational post maker, Maddie.
    (BTW, you are the inspirational post maker)
    I'm going to make a post like this soon, just so I can let some of the girls in my class that I love dolls 💜💜💜💜💜💜
    Random question: 🍕🍟 do you want some online pizza and fries?

  5. Beautiful. Absolutely fucking beautiful.

    And because you know me and how shit I am at commenting, that's all I'm gonna say.

    Just beautiful.

  6. Replies
    1. I agree with PDB, Well said.