it's up to you.

there's something that bothers me about some of the comm, and it doesn't have to do with any of my previous complaints.

it seems as though many bloggers are unhappy with their blog, whether it be they don't have many followers...

don't own a nice camera...

don't have enough time to post...

you know, the usual stuff that a lot of us worry about.

it's completely understandable to hear that you're unhappy with your blog, but the reason can't be because you don't have a ton of followers, 

you don't have that nice $1000 camera,

you don't have a lot of time to post.

how your blog is run and what kind of posts you produce is all up to you.

you are the only person in control of what you post.

if you're unhappy about the quality of your posts, change it. instead of posting for quantity, perhaps post less but put more time and effort into the posts you do in fact publish.

instead of complaining about your photography, practice. no one just picks up a camera and is immediately wonderful.

challenge yourself.

shoot on all manual.

try some new angles.

take your time.

don't write those apology posts if all you're going to do is complain about having them in your feed.

in fact, don't apologize.

give your blog a makeover if you feel the need to—there's plenty of tutorials, plus it's ever a bad thing to learn a new skill.

don't limit yourself to only one kind of post—if you want to do outfit posts and dark photo shoots, that's for you to decide.

this upcoming new year, i want us, as a community, to make a resolution.

a promise to ourselves that we will not bring ourselves down,

that we will understand that we are in control of what we post,

and also understand that someone else's success is not your failure.

i think this is something we all need a little work on.

so what do you say?

are you in?


christmas with the crew || diy polaroid cameras


hey guys, today i'm gonna be showing you how to make these super cute polaroid cameras for your dolls! beginning today, i'm starting a new christmas series called "christmas with the crew"—basically from now until christmas, i'll be posting holiday themed tutorials, gift ideas for those special dolls in your life, and even some christmas themed photo stories (yeah i know wow maddie's making photo stories it's a miracle). i'll still have my usual photo/lyric posts up, but they probably won't be as frequent—i'm thinking maybe once every other week? i'll have a christmas with the crew post up once a week, so that should keep posts coming in at a steady rate. 


let's get started, shall we?


what you need

1.) some sort of air-dry modeling clay. i use crayola's model magic, but i don't really think it matters.
2.) a washable marker in your choice of color. this is optional, as you could make a camera in white or any other color, but the fujifilm polaroid i based these off of are known for coming in pastels so i recommend blending your own colors.
3.) two clear beads to make the flash. this, too, is optional, but it adds a realistic touch to the camera.
4.) a black felt tip marker to draw on the details.
5.) a notebook/flat surface to work on. personally, my desk is wood and has a wood grain running through it so i like to put a piece of paper or a notebook on top of it when i work with clay to keep it smooth.

step one- blend your clay and marker together to create a good pastel color. don't add too much at one time, as you don't want to make the color too dark. remember that you can always add more, but can't take it out. this process may take a while.

step two- once you have reached a good color in your eyes, take about a third of your chunk and set it off to the side in a sealed bag (to keep it from hardening). this big chunk will be the main body of the camera.

step three- gently mold your larger chunk of clay into the square-like shape shown above. polaroid cameras are slightly thinner at the top, so be sure to angle the sides inwards, but don't make it too sharp.

step four- take out your remaining chunk of clay and take about a third of the smaller chunk off like you did with your original piece. with the larger of the two, roll it out into a cylindrical shape to be the grip. gently attach the grip to the body. you shouldn't need to apply much pressure.

step five- roll the final piece of clay into a ball and then gently press it into a short cylinder to be the lens. attach it to the body of the camera like you did with the grip.

step six- carefully press the two clear beads into the body where the flash would be on the real camera.

step seven- finally, let your camera dry. once it's dry, draw on the tiny details as shown (ex; shutter release button, lens opening, etc.), and you're done!


these tiny polaroid cameras make great gifts for your dolls, but can also be easily made into  a keychain for humans. they're super simple and very cute, and i look forward to seeing if any of you guys decide to make some. :) if you do, leave a link to a post showing off your new camera or email me a picture at dollsonmymind.official@gmail.com. have a great night, guys!



{fall asleep, dream of you}

i was falling for a girl who would ask me to come over
just for a day,
when her parents were away.
now all i can do is lay in my room.
fall asleep, dream of you
then wake up and do nothing about it.

i fell for a boy who would never ever let me walk home that way,
'cause you gotta be safe.
so hold back your views,
we're both leaving soon.
i can't fall back on you
'cause that's not what i do.


idk i thought it was cute. ^-^ do you guys want a tutorial on the polaroid camera? it's super easy and would work as a great gift for a special doll in your life. ;)

so...what do you think this picture is about? can you relate to it? feel free to share whatever's on your mind in a comment, as per usual. :}

have a happy thanksgiving, my lovely flamingos.



{closeup camera two}

so close up camera two,
'cause the hero dies in this scene.
your inspiration is the loss of absolutely everything.
and flashback on the girl
as we montage every memory.
and we bleed out in the bathroom sink—
and we fade out as the soundtrack sings.


ftc: this is supposed to look grainy like it's film, so the quality is intentional. ^-^


hi, how are you today? i know, i know, i always ask you that, but i feel like not many other people out there ask that enough and i want you guys to know that i do in fact care. :} so, are you all excited for christmas? i know i am—38 days baby! do you have any exciting gifts planned for friends or family this year? i'd love to hear. :3 speaking of christmas, and i know this is really early, but do you want a "what i got for christmas" post again like last year? just keep in mind that this year, i'm not getting anything doll related, so if you're not into human stuff (or if you are but not the kind of stuff i'm into) then you might not want one. just curious so i can plan ahead post-wise. :)

whelp, i hope you all have a great rest of the week. :}



let's chat


it's been a while since we've sat down and just talked, don't ya think? i've been wicked busy between band, school, and just everyday activities that life throws at me, and i really want to be posting more but my schedule doesn't permit. 

however, band is almost, almost over—i could've been over two weeks ago, but no, our football team that literally sucked the entire season decided that they wold win just enough games last minute to get into playoffs which means, you guessed it, more games that the band is dragged along to. i thought we were done this past friday, but we ended up winning 61 to 22 so now we have another game this upcoming friday. kms. but yeah, the lack of posts is due to the fact that i had absolutely zero time for anything the first quarter of school. i had to work really hard to make sure i was still getting good grades with 12-13 hours of band a week that usually ran until 9ish at night, and that took up a ot of my time. i ended the quarter with all a's save two b+'s, but i'm okay with that. though this quarter i'm really working towards straight a's, so posts still might not be as frequent since this year (and my entire high school career, really) i'm going to be really focusing on my grades and school in general since these are the years that count.

anyways, how have you all been as of late? hopefully well. anyone else hating the fact that it's dark at like 5 now? i really only have time for pictures on weekends because i'm so busy during the week, but saying that is a stretch. i only have these photos because i needed them for agpa (there's more but i only decided to use a few. you can find the whole shoot on my youtube channel). but i'm quite happy with them despite being pretty average on the creativity scale, i think em looks adorable and i'm looking forward to making some outfit posts on here soon. ^-^

whelp, that's about all i've got today. tell me about what you've been up to i a comment, if you so wish, for i'd love to hear. :) see you next time.



november | a very special post for a very special girl

their alarms ring in the sky,
the voices sing the lullabies as the ashes learn to fly.
and this will be my holiday,
no more living with my fears 'cause i gave them all away.

tell my loved ones that i wish them well.

there's a fire in this november sky.
it's burning up, burning up—
they'll remember me tonight.
there's a fire in tis november sky.
it's building up, building up—
they'll remember me tonight
in this town,
in this town.

and the flames are running high.
red flashing lights light up the sky,
and they will run to where they collide.
and melt away into the

n i g h t


for those of you who don't know, today is adi's birthday.

magma, i freaking love you to death, and don't know where i'd be without you. you're one of the most talented people i can think of, and don't even get me started on your impeccable taste in music. ;) words simply cannot express how thankful i am to have met you, and how lucky i feel to be able to call you my friend. you've stuck with me through all my unjustified mood swings, listened when i needed to vent, and still manage to make me smile even on the worst of days.

the conversations of the blog squad still make me laugh to this day, and every time i hear someone swear i automatically think "shh, don't tell ______". i sincerely hope that you won't ever have to move to mexico with your shoebox full of lovely beings because of annoying young lads, but if you will, i'll visit on holidays. xD 

i remember back when you told me that your favorite track off madness was probably november, so i hope your opinion hasn't changed too drastically. otherwise i'll edit this post to include some lp lyrics or something. ;)

i hope today is good to you. eat some cake for me. <3


by the way, this was scheduled to be posted at 12 am on the first of november in my time, so if it says it's actually october 31 for you that's why. :)