it's up to you.

there's something that bothers me about some of the comm, and it doesn't have to do with any of my previous complaints.

it seems as though many bloggers are unhappy with their blog, whether it be they don't have many followers...

don't own a nice camera...

don't have enough time to post...

you know, the usual stuff that a lot of us worry about.

it's completely understandable to hear that you're unhappy with your blog, but the reason can't be because you don't have a ton of followers, 

you don't have that nice $1000 camera,

you don't have a lot of time to post.

how your blog is run and what kind of posts you produce is all up to you.

you are the only person in control of what you post.

if you're unhappy about the quality of your posts, change it. instead of posting for quantity, perhaps post less but put more time and effort into the posts you do in fact publish.

instead of complaining about your photography, practice. no one just picks up a camera and is immediately wonderful.

challenge yourself.

shoot on all manual.

try some new angles.

take your time.

don't write those apology posts if all you're going to do is complain about having them in your feed.

in fact, don't apologize.

give your blog a makeover if you feel the need to—there's plenty of tutorials, plus it's ever a bad thing to learn a new skill.

don't limit yourself to only one kind of post—if you want to do outfit posts and dark photo shoots, that's for you to decide.

this upcoming new year, i want us, as a community, to make a resolution.

a promise to ourselves that we will not bring ourselves down,

that we will understand that we are in control of what we post,

and also understand that someone else's success is not your failure.

i think this is something we all need a little work on.

so what do you say?

are you in?


  1. *prints this out* *hangs it up on my wall*
    Maddie, you literally just put everything I've been thinking about the community into words. The best part about blogging is that you have complete control of your content. The amount of time we spend contemplating what is wrong with our blogs is time that we could've used to improve it (I know I definitely need to work on this myself).
    Amazing post - I wholeheartedly agree.

    1. thanks oli, i'm glad you agree. :3

  2. "someone else's success is not your failure" HALLELUJAH GIRL.
    Also I LOVE these pictures of Emery they're so pretty (and did you make her flannel because GODDAMN IT'S AMAZING.)

    1. thanks ellie—and yeah, i did make her flannel. ^-^

  3. I am so in. I feel like everyone in the doll community is really good with words....except for me.

    Beautiful pictures. :)

  4. I'm in! Probably half of the posts on my blog are apologies, and I've been pretty busy for posting.
    Beautiful photos, number seven is especially pretty!

  5. YOU SAID IT GIRL! :) Wow that really needed to be said....you are truly an inspiration to everyone in the doll blogging community, you taught us to be ourselves, and listen to our hearts! I love your blog btw! Could you do a post on how you name your dolls? :)

  6. I love your blog so much! It's amazing. I literally just read every single one of your posts. Keep up everything - the beautiful pictures, the heartfelt words, all of it. Where do I follow?