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it's been a while since we've sat down and just talked, don't ya think? i've been wicked busy between band, school, and just everyday activities that life throws at me, and i really want to be posting more but my schedule doesn't permit. 

however, band is almost, almost over—i could've been over two weeks ago, but no, our football team that literally sucked the entire season decided that they wold win just enough games last minute to get into playoffs which means, you guessed it, more games that the band is dragged along to. i thought we were done this past friday, but we ended up winning 61 to 22 so now we have another game this upcoming friday. kms. but yeah, the lack of posts is due to the fact that i had absolutely zero time for anything the first quarter of school. i had to work really hard to make sure i was still getting good grades with 12-13 hours of band a week that usually ran until 9ish at night, and that took up a ot of my time. i ended the quarter with all a's save two b+'s, but i'm okay with that. though this quarter i'm really working towards straight a's, so posts still might not be as frequent since this year (and my entire high school career, really) i'm going to be really focusing on my grades and school in general since these are the years that count.

anyways, how have you all been as of late? hopefully well. anyone else hating the fact that it's dark at like 5 now? i really only have time for pictures on weekends because i'm so busy during the week, but saying that is a stretch. i only have these photos because i needed them for agpa (there's more but i only decided to use a few. you can find the whole shoot on my youtube channel). but i'm quite happy with them despite being pretty average on the creativity scale, i think em looks adorable and i'm looking forward to making some outfit posts on here soon. ^-^

whelp, that's about all i've got today. tell me about what you've been up to i a comment, if you so wish, for i'd love to hear. :) see you next time.



    Hmmmm I'm getting braces next Thursday, which sucks. I played for Mr. Baler and didn't do that well, but did good enough. Ummmm other than that not much really. Life's been pretty casual for me of late. Weirdly it was super busy in October but now it's quieted down and I expect it's the calm before the storm of finals.

    Basically all I've been doing is revising for my French writing exam on Tuesday, holy crap it's stressful, and it counts for a third of my overall GCSE grade. Me and my friends are also trying to move English classes or get our teacher to improve because she is awful and we haven't learnt anything.
    But overall this week has been good, there were some mad bants in Science with my teacher about Fall Out Boy xD

  3. Our football team sucks, how does that even happen?

    I'm sorry that you're so busy but as long as you're working hard on the things that matter to you, we understand. Grades are important despite how much hatred I have for them. I'm just sitting here ignoring that copy of Of Mice And Men that we have to read and wishing I could just freaking graduate already so I didn't have to deal with all this crap.

    The pictures are amazing by the way. <3

  4. Emerson is so gorgeous....
    Wow, now I feel bad about ever complaining about my school.... it's nothing compared to yours!

    life is pretty stressful for me too, but yours sounds pretty busy. for the last 2 weeks musical practice has gone 3-9 5 days a week. BUT WE'RE DONE AND I'M SO FRICKIN HAPPY. xD I understand if you don't have time, because I'm having a little trouble keeping my grades up too. Hang in there <3


  6. Emerson is so pretty and her shirt is literal perfection
    Things have been really stressful and busy for me,but yours sounds busy too.
    I have been trying to keep up with school,and so far I have A's in almost every class,so that's pretty good.
    But I also have a cold so that's great. Maybe I'll be able to get out of school on Monday because of it though so I guess it's not that bad.
    Otherwise it's been a pretty good week
    I hope things calm down a bit for you.

  7. Beautiful photos!!!
    I wouldn't worry, everybody has busy times, especially this year. Also I'm not sure if I already said this, but I absolutely love your header!!!!!!!!!!!!