christmas with the crew || family photos (no really...just family)

it was christmas eve-eve-eve, and cousins archer and emerson decided it was about time they take their annual christmas pictures to send back to relatives in ireland.

"you okay with the reflector, scarlette?" archer confirmed.

the girls had asked scarlette if she wanted to join, as she, too, had family that she wanted to send a christmas photo to this year. 

"yep, we're all good," scarlette replied. 

"you ready emery?" archer asked her cousin while scarlette adjusted the reflector ever so slightly to create the perfect light balance.

em nodded. "yep—just make it quick, will you? i'm way more comfortable behind the camera as opposed to in front of it."

archer lifted the camera to her face and tapped the shutter release button. "you're good, em."

"scarlette, would you like to go next?" archer asked.

she nodded and handed off the reflector to emerson.

"we've gotta hurry if we want to get this done before the others come home," scarlette warned.

the three had snuck off from the rest of the crew when they went out for some very last minute christmas shopping so that they could take their pictures in peace.

archer got scarlette's photo and handed emery the camera as scar reclaimed the reflector. "almost done, guys."

the girls hustled around making sure they got a good shot of archer and quickly packed up their supplies and awaited the return of the others. it was rare that anyone got a moment of quiet in this household, and they wanted to take advantage of it.

"wait a second," scarlette said. "don't the others need their pictures taken for our christmas card...?"

archer sighed. "we'll deal with that when they get home. might as well rest up for the occasion," she laughed.


hope you guys enjoyed. :) keep an eye out on thursday for the girls looking back on their first christmases—or looking forward to their first! see ya then. :}



  1. Such a cute post! :)

    Allie D.

  2. Awesome photos! I like Emerson's best, I think, but Scarlette's is great too! And did you make Archer's dress? I love it!

    - Ellie

    1. thank you ellie. :) haha me too, scar's and em's turned out pretty decent but archer's was *gags* but yeah, i did make her dress—thanks! i love it too. ;)

  3. Aww! I didn't know Scarlette was Irish! I knew about Emerson and Archer...That's cool!
    Scarlette's picture is adorable! My favorite. ;) I can't seem to get good photos of my Saige.


    1. Whoops. I messed up the link. You probably already know that's supposed to be a "g" not a "f", but just in case you didn't, it's riding not ridinf. Lol. Sorry about that.

    2. yeah, she's a quarter irish, three-quarters english (british), but she fits in well with the irish girls in the crew. especially with her red hair, she fits the part more than emerson. xD thanks! yeah, scarlette can be pretty difficult to photograph at times, you've really just gotta play around with angles.

  4. Emery is so pretty. My sister has her too (only here name is Charlie) but her hair's all pretty and not frizzy.

    The photos are pretty too.

    Your doll's clothing is so cool. It's stuff I would consider wearing. I like Archer's dress as well. (

    Whelp I guess I better do my last minute shopping too :/

  5. Hey maddie? I was wondering, since you are so good at picking doll names, if you could help me pick a name for my possible new doll...just wondering.

  6. Such beautiful photos Maddie <3

  7. I'm just gonna go bash my face into a wall because these girls are so cute GAHHH