christmas with the crew || holiday room tour with ali

hey guys, it's ali (long time no see, eh? yeah, it's been a while since one of us dolls actually got a chance to write on here.), and today i'm going to be showing you around our little area! we recently finished decorating it for the holidays, and quite frankly, it's pretty adorable in here if i do say so myself—or perhaps it's just a big improvement from last year...*shudder* anyways, without further ado, let's get started.


okie dokie, so the first part of the room is where we have our fireplace and about half of our stockings.

we haven't quite decided on what to put on top of the fireplace, but as of right now i think we're gonna get some family photos framed. but yeah, our fireplace was made roughly a month ago by maddie, as were all the stockings—in this part of the room, six out of the eleven stockings are hanging. the last of which is mine. ;)

moving on to my personal favorite, the tree! if you'll kindly think back to last year, we had a bright, shiny teal tree that looked like the offspring of that store justice and a tree. this year, maddie decided that it was about time we actually get a nice tree, so here it is. we just have some gold and silver ornaments, along with two large trumpet ornaments since maddie's a band geek like that.

isn't the star beautiful? oh, and in case you were wondering, yeah—i have a tattoo. paramore. cool, huh? got it back in march or something, but maddie and i never got around to telling you. anyways.

over here is just the "sitting room" part, if you will—basically it's the only empty space in the entire room. we just have some gift wrapping supplies, as we're doing a secret santa thing this year (more on that next week) and we're already planning ahead. but that's besides the point—in here we just have the remaining five stockings hanging on the wall, as well as out bookshelf like usual (though i don't think it's ever been officially shown on here, we've had it for a few months now. really adds to the room, don't ya think?). we also have the bunks over here, but those are still the same, just different bedding because maddie finally got off her butt and made us some. very cute gray chevron—goes well with everything. 

the only other festive item over in this final part of the room are these glittery jingle bells. we have one hanging on each of the two posts of the top bunk. it adds just the right amount of festiveness, but isn't overwhelming, you know?

well, that's all i have for you today! i hope you enjoyed reading as much as i enjoyed decorating. ;) let us know in a comment whether or not you dolls out there decorate your areas/houses for the holidays. i hope to see you guys again next week!

-ali xo


  1. The gray chevron bedding is my favorite part. Idk why. Gray is just a really nice color, I guess. It has the same thing that black does where you just get to float in the quiet, empty darkness and take a break from things. That'll be why I like darkened, quiet rooms.
    But gray, like you said, just goes better with everything. And it doesn't have the brightness of white or the ability to stain as easily.
    Gray is like big puffy rain clouds and concrete slabs and old cedar shingles.

    I like gray way more than I thought.

    Anyway, I like your doll's room. My dolls don't have a room this year, but I'll see what I can do.

    1. gray is indeed a very nice color. my dolls wear it all the time. it truly does go with everything, and it's not identified with any gender either, which i also really love—makes it more neutral.

      thank you. :)

  2. Okay so...that room is freaking ADORABLE. I don't care that I don't have any dolls, doll stuff is always so cute! XD

    1. haha thanks j. xD and i agree, doll stuff is pretty much the cutest thing there is besides mikey's baby pictures.

    the doll room looks great, Maddie! I don't have a doll tree. My "tree" is a lamp that I tried painting green.

    1. yep, she does. :)
      thank you kelsi. :3 haha, back when i was around nine or ten, my dolls' "christmas tree" was a green sleeping bag rolled up with paper chains hanging on it. xD but these little trees are really cheap—i got mine at hobby lobby for $12, and i know after christmas stores usually put all their christmas stuff on sale. i got my teal one at target after christmas 2011 for like $3.


    I agree with Gwen, I like the grey chevron.

    Whelp, I've been meaning to decorate my doll house but I haven't got around to it so.... idk.

    The stockings are so cute!

  6. I really need to decorate my dollhouse. Your's is AWESOME! I love the stockings, super cute! Oh and I think Ali's dress is adorable, did you make it?