christmas with the crew || let's just say that hypothetically...

it was a few days after the secret santa assignments, and chrissa finally gathered up the courage to go do something she swore she'd never do—go to emerson for help.

what if she figures it out? she wondered to herself. i don't want to do this, but i also don't want to ruin the surprise factor.

emery was supposed to be wrapping gifts for friends and family members, both flesh and vinyl, but chrissa found her playing with pepper.

"ahem," chrissa interrupted.

emery turned to face her. "back so soon?"

"i'm not here for help with my secret santa person," chrissa said.

emerson laughed a little to herself. "sure you aren't."

chrissa frowned. "aren't you supposed to be wrapping?"

"that can be done later," she replied. "let's focus on you and your problems."

"okay, let's just say that hypothetically," chrissa started, "i have this friend. and she's all emo and stuff—"

"i'm not emo, chris."

she cleared her throat. "well. still. let's just say that i have this friend that's a lot like you and i need to get a gift for them. what would you recommend?"

"what would i recommend?"

chrissa nodded. "yeah. you know, i don't want to get them something they don't like or anything."

em narrowed her eyes. "you sure this isn't for the secret santa thing?"

"oh yes, i'm positive. this has absolutely nothing to do with us, just my friend," chris pushed.

emery pointed. "then what's behind your back?"

"okay you know what, i'm done. you're a lost cause, emery."

chrissa turned and started walking away. "let's just say that hypothetically your friend might like a t-shirt or something. everyone loves t-shirts."

she looked back and saw emerson wink. 

"thanks..." chrissa said slowly. 

"no problem mate."

"oh, and chris?"

chrissa stopped walking.

"you're the worst liar i've ever met."


wooo stay tuned, for this week we'll have THREE christmas with the crew posts—one tuesday, one thursday, and one friday (christmas). you guys excited? five days!



    That's literally all I can say because AWWWWWWWWW.
    Mkay I ship it even more now.

    1. okay hold on I reread it and
      "this has nothing to do with us"
      "nothing to do with us"
      Wait, but isn't Chrissa straight? She'd better not be.

    2. oh man i didn't realize how that "us" could be interpreted. xD but yeah chrissa's straight, honestly em is the only one in the crew that isn't straight.
      by the way this is as close as it gets to me writing fan fiction for my own dolls so be thankful i actually dedicated an entire post to these two. xD the next three won't be like that haha.

  2. I adore your photostories. I can't make them as awesome as you can.

    1. aw, thanks tenley. you'll probably like the next three better, as this one was basically just for ellie. xD but yeah, thank you, it means a lot to hear you like them, as it's been a pretty long time since i was into photo stories.

  3. This was soo awesome. I loved the dialogue, it's just so realistic and so cool ^_^ it's so funny <3

  4. This is amazing I just can't.

    I realize how shit my photostory is now.


  5. I like this story. I wish the girls got along a bit better, but the world isn't super nicey nicey - it's realistic. I'm looking forward to more.

  6. I just saw this, and I positively love it! You two are so funny :-)