another newbie.

because i have close to no self control and was lucky enough to stop by the king of prussia mall (where a pop up store currently resides), miss 64 decided to steal my wallet and come home with me.

i think her name is going to be lark. (:

she is so incredibly cute, and i've wanted her for almost two years now. very happy to finally call her mine.

so, welcome home lark. hope you all love her as much as i do.

also i apologize for the cruddy photos. i just couldn't resist photographing that sweet little face. (;




it feels like everybody is the branch
and i'm the leaves falling from the top
of every leafless tree.


i already posted this on instagram but i lowkey really like it so it's going up here too. (; so, how have you all been as of late? life treating you well? i sure hope so.

as for me, life is pretty good. marching band is officially over, which i'm actually very sad about, seeing as this was my last year with my seniors, the people i have looked up to since day one. love those guys. regardless, having time to breath again is certainly a nice feeling lol.

i also just finished my first quarter of this school year--with straight a's, finally. and my gpa is over a 4.0 due to weighted honors courses so that's pretty rad.

i don't know about you, but this year has flown by! how is it already a week til thanksgiving, and almost a month until christmas?? what are you all looking forward to most? i can't wait for the xmas season and the first snow. super pumped for winter shoots!!

i think i've rambled enough for one post, but i will definitely try to post mkre often so we can keep up with each other better! i've been a pretty crap blogger this year. i apologize. i'm going to try harder in the new year, i promise!!

anyways, take care my dudes.



meet mona.

a new member of the crew made an unexpected appearance on wednesday night! i bought this cutie at kohls LMAO fun times.

either way, meet mona clark. 

as you probably already assumed since i'm predictable, she doesn't have a middle name set in stone, though i think i'm gonna go with annette or andrea (pronounced on-dray-uh).

hope you enjoy the photos!


bokeh bokeh bokeh

as promised, here are some more photos with my new lens! i got up at 7 this morning to take them so i hope you like them. haha. 

also if you like bokeh you're in for a treat lol.

the lens flare is 100% real. (;

i apologize if any are out of focus, i'm still getting used to the fact that this is a prime (meaning it doesn't zoom) lens & it has an incredible depth of field—however that means the focus is more precise, therefore making it slightly more difficult to get the subject perfectly in focus.

aaaand here's a bonus photo of spencer from last night because she's a cutie.


extra info
doll: truly me #55 (emerson)
outfit: jacket made by me, leggings from ag, 5sos top from etsy, shoes from amazon (emerson); top, skirt, and choker made by me, shoes retired from ag (not pictured) (spencer)
camera: canon rebel t5
lens: canon 50mm f/1.8 stm


new lens.

after three years of drooling over numerous 50mm lenses, i finally have one. in case you were wondering, it's the canon 50mm f/1.8 stm lens and i love it. :)

hopefully i'll be able to take more photos tomorrow. for now, have some emerson.




wow!! it's been a while. i highly doubt anyone still reads this blog anymore but hey!! enjoy this hella over edited photo of my girl kanani because that's currently all i have saved on this computer but it's fine, she's a cutie.

so school starts again on the 29 and i'm gonna be a sophomore (what?? where did the time go??), once again in band so i'm going to have approximately no time to take photos. :,) smiling through the pain lolol.

anyways, if any of you are reading this plsss comment some video suggestions for youtube and/or photography requests!! as in what doll and location etc etc you get the point. but yeah!!

hope you guys are doing well, enjoying life & all that shiz. have a good one my dudes!


spencer leia reid.

sorry for the boring photos but i just really love spencer.



i'd like you all to meet miss spencer(?) _______ reid. she's the newest member of the crew, and i love her so very much. she arrived yesterday, and if you follow my instagram you would have seen her already, but it's taken me a long time to come up with a name. i'm not totally sure she's going to be spencer, but for now that's what seems to be sticking. so spencer it is.

i traded indie for this doll with erin of @teenagerdoll on instagram, and i don't regret it one bit. i love 43, she's such a gorgeous yet underrated doll in my opinion. i cannot wait to take more photos of her.

so, please welcome spencer _______ reid. she's looking for a middle name, if you've got any ideas. (: let me know what you think of her! to learn more about her personality, visit 'the crew' page.



farewell indie. ♥


i know, i know—another post, i'm sorry for taking up your feed but today's post is still an important one.

because today we say goodbye to indie.

as you might already know, i was never able to form a bond with indie...she never got a personality, she never "clicked", she honestly was never really a part of the crew.

i had been debating whether or not i should sell or customize indie for the past few months, and i finally decided that letting her go and starting fresh would probably be the best idea. she's all packed up (i did a pretty great job packing her, if i do say so myself haha) and will be shipped off tomorrow.

so this is the last time miss indigo leah sulek will be making an appearance on dollsonmymind. she's going to a new home where she will become a he with a loving family. although i'm sad to see her go, as this is the first time i've ever parted with one of my dolls, i am thrilled to know that she will be put to good use and most importantly, will be loved.

don't think that the crew will be out a member, however, because a surprise is beginning on it's (or should i say "her"?) own adventure here as indie's departure is taking place.

what an exciting time in the domm household. i don't remember things being this crazy since when indie and archer came home last year.

for now, though, farewell to indie. her little smile will be missed, but the times she's had her will not be forgotten. xo


etsy shop (!!)


what?? two posts back to back?? that's right, my friends. and what an exciting second post this is.

maddie finally, after two years of pushing it off, opened an etsy shop.

after receiving my marching band schedule for this summer, i realized that practices were less frequent, just longer. my director also got rid of 'mini band camp', a week of half day practices that ran the week leading up to band camp.

in other words, your girl actually has time to do stuff this summer.

i am so incredibly excited about this. i do not currently have any listings up, but i am in the midst of sewing an inventory and deciding whether i should do one big release at a time or simply list things as they're completed. (comment which listing method you would prefer!!)

but for now, elysiandollapparel is a thing. a very, very exciting thing that i would really appreciate you checking out. (;

if you want to, you can follow/check out my public instagram account for it (@elysiandollapparel) or favorite my shop, but of course neither are necessary. (; 

once again, i am beyond thrilled to finally be able to share the things i create with you all, and i hope you enjoy what is yet to come. ♥


real friends.

you might not fall as much as i do,
but if i look close enough
i can see the scars on your knees.


my agsm short film is taking a lot longer than i thought it would. i'm not even done with the script yet.* but i'm not necessarily complaining—as long as i have it done in time to enter it in a contest haha. other than that, however, i don't really want it to be done anytime soon...

because i'm not sure if i want to say goodbye. i don't know if i'm just going crazy or if memories are simply coming back to haunt me but since school let out, everything i do reminds me of the amazing times i've had blogging. especially last summer. this time last year, i was at my peak. there was nothing that made me happier than blogging.

i smile every time i think about it. i know it will never be the same—too many people have left, i've been too big a prick—but it doesn't change the fact that i can't even listen to most of the artists i used to listen to 24/7 without getting teary eyed and smiley.

i don't think i'll ever leave. i'll still drop in every once in a while to say hello & all that good stuff. i said i would go and at the time i really did mean it. it made—makes—total sense. but then again, did you really expect me to keep that promise? since when have i kept my word when speaking of things like that?

the answer is never.

because you guys, the few of you that still read & all of you who have contributed to those 81k views, are my friends, and i have never been one to leave my friends, even if they consider me to be anything but a friend, behind.

that is a promise i will always keep—just ask the kids from my elementary school.

*i've also been caught up working on another agsm that should be up sometime this week. it involves a huge surprise, as well, so keep an eye out for that.




these are giving me summer '14 vibes & i'm loving that. recently i've rediscovered my love for outdoor photography & editing, i can't wait for summer when i'll have time to go to parks & such. :3

what have you all been up to lately? are you out of school yet? i have finals week this week, and then i'm out on the 13.

maddie xo


chrissa & jade



just a tiny shoot of jade & chris. hope you enjoy!!

maddie xo