{every earthquake starts with a little shake}

and then the 8 ball said "things don't look great",
you know we can't break loose if we stay in place.
every earthquake starts with a little shake,
and then we'll see who's standing in the wasteland.

it's just a matter of opinion when it comes down to it.


i'm really sorry this wasn't up earlier, i failed to tell you guys it was exam week for me and i might not find the time to post (which obviously, i didn't). i was supposed to have my last two exams today, but alas, we got three feet of snow saturday and school was cancelled for today. therefore, i bring to you this post.

so far, i've gotten a b as my lowest exam grade, everything else was an a- and above. as long as my flash and bio exams go well like the others, i should be able to go back to focusing on this blog more since i won't have to worry about grades so much. i also think i may do a giveaway for my two year anniversary, but i'd want it to be for my followers and for some reason the followers gadget has been acting up ever since i redid this blog back in september. anyone else have that problem? UPDATE: i got it lol never mind.

just curious, how many of you follow by email? because there's no way for me to see that and again, i'm just curious as to how many of you technically follow besides the 78 (yeah i know) that follow in a way that i can see. also just a heads up even if i don't have the followers gadget you can still follow in a way that i can see you ;);) just ask. 

also, if i do end up dong a giveaway, are you all cool with an outfit made by me?

i talk too much. sorry.

maddie xx

also if you like my long outdoor shoots i recommend you head on over to megan and maddie ag to see a snow shoot i did yesterday. :} also maybe follow while you're there? megan (and i) really appreciate it! we're trying to post more on there in the new year. :)


diy || vinyls

hey guys. :)) today i'm coming at you with a diy that i'm excited to share—how to make vinyls (records) for your dolls! they're super cute as a decoration, plus if you have a music lover in the fam this would be perfect (as soon as i figure out how to make a record player i'll make sure to let you know how to make those too). so, without further ado, let's get into it.


what you need

  • i'm using an old shoebox, but any cardboard that isn't too terribly thick should work. if you use an old cereal box or something, you might want to double up, though.
  • any kind will do.
  • i'm using a record from the out generation ukulele set for the basic shape of my homemade vinyls.
  • just to trace the pattern—technically you don't need it, but i recommend you use on, especially if you're free handing the design.
sharpie or black paint
  • as long as it's black, you'll be fine—unless you want to make a pretty vinyl (like one of the pastel halsey, for example).

step one- if you are using a cardboard box, collapse it and cut out a piece that's a good size for the amount of vinyls you will be making.

step two- trace your pattern onto the cardboard.

step three- cut out your vinyl. cutting out the center can be difficult, but don't give up. it just takes some time.

step four- color/paint your vinyl, and you're done!

cute, huh?


i hope you liked this tutorial. :) i was in the midst of redecorating my doll area this morning and just decided to make a post out of it aha. i'll see you soon with a lyric shoot. :)

maddie xx


{something's keeping me here}

i tell myself i won't go back,
i'll never even look back.
my friends are the only ones making me turn around,
keeping these sleepy eyes from staring at the ground.


i don't know where i'm going but i'm having one hell of a time getting there.


looking back, i'm crazy. i'm absolutely positively insane.

i can't eliminate one-photo and lyric posts. i just can't.

they're a part of me, a part of this blog—they're the reason i'm still here.

forget those strict guidelines as to what's being posted here.

i know what kind of blog i want to run and the only thing that kept me from doing it this entire time was me.

something clicked in me tonight, something i wish would've clicked a long time ago.

something's keeping me here. and i mean the real me.

so hello, kids.

i'm back. for real this time.


outfit ideas || t-shirt dresses and socks

outfit one

dress made by me
socks unknown

outfit two

dress made by me
socks from ag
choker made by me {tutorial here}


hey guys. :) today i decided to go back to my roots and try some sooc indoor photography, and i've gotta say, this is my favorite shoot i've done with indie. thoughts?

so as you may know, 2016 is bringing a new life to domm including photo stories and more focus on the things i sew for my dolls. i've come to the decision that each month will either be a photo story month or a sewing/outfit ideas month—therefore, january will have sewing/outfit posts, february will have photo stories, and so on. i'm working on setting up something special for my two year anniversary (april fourth, if you remember), but for now it'll be this "schedule" of sorts. it just makes it easier for me, since i have 8/11 of my dolls packed away during 'off' months (meaning months where there aren't any major holidays or i don't have a need to have all of them out at once), so i only have to worry about taking them all out for photo stories every other month.

oh, and do you guys have any suggestions as to what i should sew? because i'm in a sewing mood but am fresh out of ideas. any suggestions are greatly appreciated. ;)

have a great day, and let me know what outfit/photo was your favorite. :}