where have i been, and where will i be?

so it's been a while. 20 days to be exact--but who's counting?

i'm not going to apologize, but i'm also not going to pretend an unexpected absense didn't occur these last few weeks. school has been taking up a lot of my time, and i've really been working on improving my photography and editing skills. i've been working with photoshop, lightroom, and a few other more advanced editing systems recently and have been having a lot of fun. i kept meaning to post, but i jusyt never got around to it.

i love blogging, i really do, and i don't mean for these breaks to take place, but my life is crazier than ever. we're in the third quarter of the school year already. i'm applying for a summer job. i'm going to be purchasing a new, better camera for my birthday. things are changing, and i am slowly but surely maturing--in a good way. i'm actually discovering who i am and not trying to shove it down people's throats, i'm doing my work and getting good grades. i'm happy, guys. 

i'm trying to be more active on instagram, and at the time being i post about every two days. it's public, so even if you don't have an account, you can still go on for updates and such. ^-^ posts around here are probably going to be slowing down, but i promise you the effort and passion is still here.

thanks for sticking with me--i mean it. i have something special planned for my two year anniversary, and i'm working on writing the script for a series i hope to air on my youtube channel this summer. :) i hope you're all doing well.

lots of love,


//going places//

i just wanted to pop on by and let you guys know that i got an agig. :)

you can follow me @thestraysag. or not. your call.

okay that's all, bye. xD



and she's so fine,
she thinks she's so damn fine.
she might be fine
but she ain't worth a second of your time.

you're as fake as the moans you make,
you're as weak as the hearts you break.
you're as fake as the moans you make so just give us—
give us a little break.


gotta love the maine.

let's play a game—in the comments, compliment the person that commented above you. this comm needs some positive vibes and they'e gotta start somewhere, right?

maddie xx