emerson's room tour

hello, those of you in the blogosphere that haven't mysteriously disappeared and still remember that this blog exists, it's your [least] favorite chunk of vinyl emery here, and today i decided to show you around my room since it's prettier than i'll ever be and last time we did a room tour here the masses enjoyed it. i understand that was a run-on sentence but life is short so we're just gonna go with it.


first of all, we have my bed area (my favorite, if you must know). it's pretty sweet.

above the head of my bed i have some album artwork from a few of my favorite bands because i'm trash...

and running down the long side of my bed i have my tapestry!! because every girl wants a room that looks like the ones on your tumblr dash!!

my bedding is just basic white sheets with a little embroidered pillow maddie made for me.

at the foot of my bed, i painted one side of my dresser with chalkboard paint and just have a few of my favorite polaroids taped up. also one of my chokers lives here, along with my dslr.

the bookshelf is the last part of my half of the room (archer, my cousin, has the other half—she'll have a tour up once she's finished).

on top i just have my record player and my polaroid camera.

i have a few other pictures i've taken. perhaps someday i'll hang them up someday, but for now they're just sitting.

to conclude this tour, we just have a candle, a watercolor blake* did, a bottle with some sea glass, and finally, a broken shell from the beach.


thanks for reading, i hope you liked my room as much as i do!


*scarlette got a new name. again. maddie thinks this one will stay though so we good.


the significance of white balance: a tutorial of sorts

hello & welcome to a post that i've been meaning to do for about a year now but never really got around to. in today's installment of "maddie thinks she can take photos but can't", we're going to be talking about white balances* and how they restore balance (get it) to the realm of photography.

some stuff to think about beforehand
the main thing you need to take into consideration when out shooting is what kind of vibe you want your photos to give off. in this shoot, i wanted a laid back, cool toned look. from there, choose your shooting location accordingly—i decided that the somewhat dead bushes in my front yard would be a suitable place to shoot. remember to take into consideration the lighting as well—for brighter photos, you may want to shoot somewhere sunny, and if you want more laid back photos, you'll probably want to shoot in the shade/later in the day (i did both because i took ten years to dress archer but that's okay we can make it work).

above i have three different photos taken at about the same place. all my settings were the same, save the white balance—from left to right, the color balances i selected were daylight, cloudy, and shade. keep in mind that white balance names may differ from camera to camera, but you get the point. the photo on the far left is a bit too cold for my liking, but the one on the far right is way over saturated to be what i envisioned. now remember that it is all up to personal preferences, and there are many other white balance settings (and custom ones if you're up to that), but you just have to keep in mind that these settings are there for a reason, and if you can, take the extra thirty seconds to experiment. it makes the end result a much more pleasing experience for you.


WHELP i know this sucks and i shouldn't be allowed to give photography tips when my photos look like crap but i was playing around and decided instead of deleting all the duds, i could just make a post about it since what else have i got to share?

hopefully this inspired you to actually look at your camera settings if you don't already, and if not then hey, thanks for looking. i appreciate.

so tell your friends!! make your photos look rad again. :')


*if your camera does not have that many settings but you still want to achieve a certain look in your photos, i 10/10 recommend this photo editing app called "faded". i use it all the time for instagram photos and it's great. (also lol no that wasn't sponsored or anything nobody would ever think highly enough of me to do that smh)


{an echo of what's left}

i'm just interference,
noise and whispers,
a shadow onto them.
i'm dust on the record stop,
a static, a click, a compromise.
a discord, a spark, a silhouette,
a shady ghost, an echo of what's left.


i really like these lyrics and really like this photo. hm.