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just a tiny shoot of jade & chris. hope you enjoy!!

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the journey of changing one's mind, heart, self, or way of life.

please read the entire thing. thank you x

on new year's eve, i sat there and thought about dollsonmymind. i thought about all the things i accomplished and all the things i fucked up. i knew that 2016 would most likely be the end of this blog. i knew that sooner or later people would stop caring, that i would find another platform to express my love for dolls and photography on.

five months later, i look back on that night and think, "i was right."

i've been posting less and less, i hardly get any comments--the blogging community is dying out, and that makes me sad.

i need to face the obvious, the thing that everyone can see but i tried to ignore.

my time is up. i should be gone by now. my posts have no effect on anyone or anything, the only reason anyone even looked at my blog this past month was most likely because of my giveaway.

i guess what i'm trying to say is that an era has ended, an era full of lovely doll bloggers that accepted me into their community. this was one of the greatest experiences of my life, and each and every one of you has impacted me in ways i cannot explain.

metanoia, i call it. metanoia is what these past two years have been for me, and i'm thankful for that.

i'm currently working on a stop motion short film that references the journey we've been on together, and i expect it to be done sometime in june. when it is complete, i'll post it on here, and after that...i think i'll be done.

in the meantime, i'll try to post so that those of you who still check in have something to look at. as you may know, my birthday is this friday, the twentieth, and shortly after that it will be the one year anniversary of bringing indie and archer into the crew. i could try to do a photo story or two if you'd like, or maybe i could throw together some tutorials? whatever you guys wan to see, just let me know. i want to go out on a high note, and that high note involves making sure you all are happy. :3

well, i think that concludes everything i wanted to say today. thanks so much for reading, my lovely flamingos, and i hope that whatever you all end up doing, it's something you love. <3

xo maddie


{it's alright}

the way that you left me,
it's alright, it's alright.
you might hate my words but you know that i'm right.


i love this picture of blake. i'm not sure why, but i do. :] speaking of blake, i still don't have a middle name chosen for her yet; having said that, any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. i was thinking maybe nirvana or aspen. what do you think?

i have a post up on my personal blog that i would appreciate you checking out. it includes the cause of my absence this year, and originally i was going to post something similar on here, but an anonymous commenter said i need to "stop posting shit that's way too personal on here". so i posted it on a different blog, just for you. :] oh, and here's a tip for next time—don't hide behind the anon feature. i'm not lying when i say i really value my readers' opinions. if you have something to say to me, whether it be a compliment or criticism, i would like to hear it and know who thinks so.

anyways, i hope you're all doing wonderfully. let me know what you've been up to in a comment. :]