etsy shop (!!)


what?? two posts back to back?? that's right, my friends. and what an exciting second post this is.

maddie finally, after two years of pushing it off, opened an etsy shop.

after receiving my marching band schedule for this summer, i realized that practices were less frequent, just longer. my director also got rid of 'mini band camp', a week of half day practices that ran the week leading up to band camp.

in other words, your girl actually has time to do stuff this summer.

i am so incredibly excited about this. i do not currently have any listings up, but i am in the midst of sewing an inventory and deciding whether i should do one big release at a time or simply list things as they're completed. (comment which listing method you would prefer!!)

but for now, elysiandollapparel is a thing. a very, very exciting thing that i would really appreciate you checking out. (;

if you want to, you can follow/check out my public instagram account for it (@elysiandollapparel) or favorite my shop, but of course neither are necessary. (; 

once again, i am beyond thrilled to finally be able to share the things i create with you all, and i hope you enjoy what is yet to come. ♥


  1. That's great that you opened up your shop! I don't care either way you release your items.

  2. hey maddie, it's me. kailee. just wanted to pop on by, say hello, see how life's going, all that. :)

    also, congrats on the shop! i'm literally jealous that you;re a sewing goddess lol.


  3. !!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS! I have always adored your sewing skills, and now I have an Etsy gift card just waiting to be spent.

  4. Congratulations! Wonderful news!