farewell indie. ♥


i know, i know—another post, i'm sorry for taking up your feed but today's post is still an important one.

because today we say goodbye to indie.

as you might already know, i was never able to form a bond with indie...she never got a personality, she never "clicked", she honestly was never really a part of the crew.

i had been debating whether or not i should sell or customize indie for the past few months, and i finally decided that letting her go and starting fresh would probably be the best idea. she's all packed up (i did a pretty great job packing her, if i do say so myself haha) and will be shipped off tomorrow.

so this is the last time miss indigo leah sulek will be making an appearance on dollsonmymind. she's going to a new home where she will become a he with a loving family. although i'm sad to see her go, as this is the first time i've ever parted with one of my dolls, i am thrilled to know that she will be put to good use and most importantly, will be loved.

don't think that the crew will be out a member, however, because a surprise is beginning on it's (or should i say "her"?) own adventure here as indie's departure is taking place.

what an exciting time in the domm household. i don't remember things being this crazy since when indie and archer came home last year.

for now, though, farewell to indie. her little smile will be missed, but the times she's had her will not be forgotten. xo


  1. Oh see ya later Indie!! Yeah I was having trouble bonding with my McKenna doll so I decided to customize her :D You can check it out on my new blog Lydia's Dolls I cannot wait to see your surprise!!!! EXCITING!!! :0

  2. Aww ! I'm going to miss Indie , but I'm glad she's going to get a loving family. It's better to part with your doll and give it to someone who can give it better care then keep it and never be happy.
    ~ Thalia | The Universe in a Blog