real friends.

you might not fall as much as i do,
but if i look close enough
i can see the scars on your knees.


my agsm short film is taking a lot longer than i thought it would. i'm not even done with the script yet.* but i'm not necessarily complaining—as long as i have it done in time to enter it in a contest haha. other than that, however, i don't really want it to be done anytime soon...

because i'm not sure if i want to say goodbye. i don't know if i'm just going crazy or if memories are simply coming back to haunt me but since school let out, everything i do reminds me of the amazing times i've had blogging. especially last summer. this time last year, i was at my peak. there was nothing that made me happier than blogging.

i smile every time i think about it. i know it will never be the same—too many people have left, i've been too big a prick—but it doesn't change the fact that i can't even listen to most of the artists i used to listen to 24/7 without getting teary eyed and smiley.

i don't think i'll ever leave. i'll still drop in every once in a while to say hello & all that good stuff. i said i would go and at the time i really did mean it. it made—makes—total sense. but then again, did you really expect me to keep that promise? since when have i kept my word when speaking of things like that?

the answer is never.

because you guys, the few of you that still read & all of you who have contributed to those 81k views, are my friends, and i have never been one to leave my friends, even if they consider me to be anything but a friend, behind.

that is a promise i will always keep—just ask the kids from my elementary school.

*i've also been caught up working on another agsm that should be up sometime this week. it involves a huge surprise, as well, so keep an eye out for that.


  1. *hugs computer in a failing attempt to hug you* now I'm all teary-eyed and smiley. xD

    And dude, let me explain it another time, you aren't a prick. Like, okay okay, I'll admit it, but I used to think of you as one (you know the deal.) but now I don't.


  2. This too is great news. You are right things are always changing. The blogosphere is not what it was last June at this time. It is ever changing people leave, some come back slightly different, some stay away, some continue on but their posts and tone shift. It's okay. We ebb and flow.

    Just be happy.