meet mona.

a new member of the crew made an unexpected appearance on wednesday night! i bought this cutie at kohls LMAO fun times.

either way, meet mona clark. 

as you probably already assumed since i'm predictable, she doesn't have a middle name set in stone, though i think i'm gonna go with annette or andrea (pronounced on-dray-uh).

hope you enjoy the photos!


bokeh bokeh bokeh

as promised, here are some more photos with my new lens! i got up at 7 this morning to take them so i hope you like them. haha. 

also if you like bokeh you're in for a treat lol.

the lens flare is 100% real. (;

i apologize if any are out of focus, i'm still getting used to the fact that this is a prime (meaning it doesn't zoom) lens & it has an incredible depth of field—however that means the focus is more precise, therefore making it slightly more difficult to get the subject perfectly in focus.

aaaand here's a bonus photo of spencer from last night because she's a cutie.


extra info
doll: truly me #55 (emerson)
outfit: jacket made by me, leggings from ag, 5sos top from etsy, shoes from amazon (emerson); top, skirt, and choker made by me, shoes retired from ag (not pictured) (spencer)
camera: canon rebel t5
lens: canon 50mm f/1.8 stm


new lens.

after three years of drooling over numerous 50mm lenses, i finally have one. in case you were wondering, it's the canon 50mm f/1.8 stm lens and i love it. :)

hopefully i'll be able to take more photos tomorrow. for now, have some emerson.