kiernan the accidental keeper

long story short i made a custom to sell but fell in love so decided to keep her.

so yeah. meet kiernan.


  1. *insert me dying here because she's so cute*
    (p.s. i saw your spam ig and next week there's this benefit sale and i'm going in hopes of finding some stuff i can fix up, and there's a chance there may be some ag dolls there so if you wanted dolls can you email me {my ig dms won't work for some reason} and i can try to find them and all that. ;) )

  2. Kiernan is absolutely adorable! I bet you fell hard after putting all that work into her! The outfit suits her well and the photo is stunning!

  3. Omg,, i never thought of a molly style wig on an asian style mold wtf. it looks sooo good?? great job maddie wowza. (fyi uh hi!! dunno if u remember me lol but im ella from that old blog called gumnut street dolls? i've returnedddd lol)