about the blog

on this blog, i strive to provide readers with thought-provoking photography displayed in my signature one-photo and lyric posts, photo stories that truly display my dolls' personalities and show realistic character interaction and feelings, and outfit ideas/sewing tutorials. regarding photo stories, each doll is unique in their own individual way, and some may use mild swearing if that's what they so choose. if you're a younger reader and/or you do not like the use of swear words, i do not recommend you focus too much on emerson (lmao there goes my attempt at sounding professional on here).

basically i like dolls, photography, and sewing, and if you like those things too we should be golden. any questions then you know where to find me. (and if you don't, here's a hint—go to the page labeled 'where to find me' aha)

thanks for dropping by, i do hope you stay a while.


  1. Hi, Maddie! I mentioned you and your blog in a post. The link I chose was to this page, so that anyone who might visit would get the details first. I hope this is okay. The post is called Fashion, Beep-Beep.

    1. that's actually really thoughtful, thank you xyra! <3