where to find me

email: dollsonmymind.official@gmail.com or meganandmaddieag@gmail.com

instagram: @thestraysag
etsy instagram: @elysiandollapparel
youtube: dollsonmymind
etsy: elysian doll apparel
collab blog: megan and maddie ag
snapchat: dollsonmymind
personal blog: social casualty
personal instagram: @mxddieunderwood (i accept follow requests asap)
personal snapchat: maddiexthexlame


i am more than happy to help with designing your blog if you so please, just email me with specifics. :)


i respond to emails as soon as possible.
i don't do "sub for sub" or "follow for follow", but ask for me to check out your blog and i will.
thanks for looking. :)


  1. Can we do a button swap? I just made one, so, yeah

    1. i actually don't do button swaps anymore, as i don't really have the space for them. sorry! but i will happily check out and possibly follow your blog. :)

  2. hi, maddie. i was wondering.. do you want to design my blog? I'm new to the blogging world, and i want someone to design my blog. I'll email you the stuff.